Master Su Ying Han

Su Ying Han was born in December 1945. He is a doctor of traditional Chinese Bone-Setting (Yi Yun Bone Setting Clinic). As well as serving his community with his medical skill, Master Su is a well-respected member of the martial arts community within China. He has participated in and attended many Wushu, Gymnastic and Medical research conferences and created the Yi Yun Wushu Society.

In 1984, Master Su was head of the Yong Chun White Crane Research Team. From 1985 he worked together with other White Crane stylists to rebuild Fujian Yong Chun Wong Gong Chi Wushu Club (Formally called Yong Chun Sub Club of China Central National Wushu Club) and was appointed as Vice-President.


Master Su has edited and reviewed numerous books and magazine articles both within and outside China. He has also published many articles used by magazines within China (e.g. "Chinese Wushu", "Cultural History of Gymnastics" and "Wushu World".)

He wrote the book "Fujian Wushu Style and Weapons". In 1990 he finished another book "Yong Chun White Crane" which has since been included in the library contents book of Chinese Wushu.


In 1996 he contributed the theory of "Healthy Usage Of White Crane Breathing Methodology" which was praised by the 1st international conference for Geriatric Medicine in Beijing and Los Angeles.

Master Su's contributions to the Martial Arts have been officially acknowledged within China. His name has been put in both the "Dictionary of Chinese Martial Artists" and the "Name dictionary of Chinese martial artists". Master Su is a member of the 10th and 12th political congress of Fujian Yong Chun County, Chairman of Yong Chun Yi Yun Wushu Society, Vice Chairman of Yong Chun Association, Vice General Secretary of Quan Zhou Wushu Association and a Member of the Fujian Wushu Association.

More information on Master Su Ying Han, his son Su Jun Yi and Yong Chun White Crane coming soon...