Su Jun Yi

Su Jun Yi, male, was born in Taocheng, Yongchun, Fujian, in May 1977. He is a doctor of the community. From the age of 5 he has been learning Yongchun Whitecrane Wushu from his father. He has been fortunate to have been exposed to the style's history through his rich family heritage.

In March 1984, when he was 7 years old, he participated a competition demonstration in Jinjiang (now call Quanzhou), where he was the youngest wushu stylist. From 1993 till 1994, he trained in the Fujian Sports Institute under Prof. Zheng XuXu, Prof. Wu Shanshan and Master Ni Hong Ying in both Long Boxing style and Shangda.


In 1994, he participated the Quanzhou Shaolin Wushu demonstration in Quanzhou (Songshan Zhengzhou Competition) and was awarded a Mark of Excellence. He has also attended many other International demonstrations in Quanzhou.


From September till July 1999, he studied in Dehua, Quanzhou Medical school. After graduating Su Jun Yi has been assisting his father in his Yi Yun Bone-Setting and Injury Clinic. He has also joined his father in training his students in Yongchun White Crane.

In 1999, he was awarded the top prize in Traditional Southern Style in the 1st Conference of Quanzhou Southern Shaolin Wushu. In 2000, he was awarded top prize in traditional weapon patterns and second prize for traditional empty-handed patterns during the 2nd Conference.

As Chief Instructor, Su Jun Yi has exchanged his skill and training with the visitors from Japan, England, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Su Jun Yi is now the General Secretary and Chief Instructor of Yong Chun Yi Yun Wushu Society and is researching and promoting the art of Yongchun Whitecrane.

More information on Su Jun Yi , his father Master Su Ying Han and Yong Chun White Crane coming soon...