Ngo Kah Swee

Mr Ngo, affectionately known as Dennis to his students, was born in Singapore in 1951. He began his martial education at the tender age of six. During his childhood he trained at various martial arts clubs until his teenage years when he began training under Master Ang Liang Huat.

Under the supervision of Master Ang. Mr. Ngo learnt the Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu style of Fujian White Crane (as made famous by Chee See Tsek and his disciple Tee Lay) and the soft style of Suang Yang Taichi.


In 1976, Mr. Ngo left Singapore to further his education in the UK. Here he started his Kung Fu Club at University College London in 1978-79. It is still going strong today. Over the years, Mr Ngo has trained several hundred students of which almost 20 have gone on to become instructors.

Mr. Ngo has been officially commissioned by the Fujian Yongchun YiYun Wushu Society (China) to help with research into the history of the White Crane style.


Fujian White Crane Kung Fu (international) is now accepted as original and from the same lineage by Yongchun White Crane Wushu (China).

Contact Mr. Ngo directly at DennisN@kungfu-taichi.com