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Wushu was created in China, the Southern Pattern is one of the most important style of Wushu. Fujian is the Southern Pattern's hometown. There is a very glorious Wushu history in Fujian, and a public foundation in the history, and Fujian has made a huge contribution for the development of Chinese Wushu culture. In history, a lot of famous Wushu experts came forth in Fujian who had promoted the development of the Fujian Wushu culture. In the past few years, Wushu has been spreading rapidly in the high educational Universities and Colleges of Fujian Province. All the Universities and Colleges have established Fujian High Educational Wushu Committee(hereinafter referred as Party A), which is principally dedicated to guiding Wushu teaching and training for all universities and colleges, to develop Wushu researching, to organize Wushu exchange. For many years, the committee has made constant efforts to promote the enhancement of Wushu education in the Universities and Colleges in Fujian Province, and has played a leading role for Wushu development in Fujian Province. The committee possesses a large teaching team; they are full of teaching experience and Wushu skills.

European Fujian White Crane Wushu Committee(hereinafter referred to Party B) was founded by Mr. Dennis Kah Swee Ngo, the Chief Instructor of Fujian White Crane. The organisation is established as a special Wushu organization, its early base was the Club of Tiger Crane in the University College of London. At the present time, the Committee has spread Fujian White Crane and built a training base in the UK, Greece, Italy, France, the United States, Sweden and so forth. Now there are over 600 student members. For many years, nearly 10,000 students were trained in the above base. And 13 students have become the coaches in the bases, they teach and promote Fujian White Crane Wushu. In recent years, Mr. Dennis Kah Swee Ngo has led many of his students to come back to Fujian, the hometown of White Crane, to exchange Wushu knowledge with many other Southern patterns, to learn more, and to look for the White Crane history. This has deepened his understanding and knowledge of Wushu, promoted the development of the Committee.

Both Party A and B hope to mutually co-operate to spread out and expand Chinese Wushu Culture in the world, according to the both intents, to promote and enhance teaching and training skill, to develop Wushu culture in the world and make it serve the people.

With mutual discussion, the Co-operate Intent is made between both parties:

  1. Both parties will build a long-term co-operation relationship. And to contribute their own resources to promote the development of Wushu Culture.

  2. Both parties will mutually organize regularly or irregularly events of Wushu culture exchange, include seconding members to the other Party for teaching and training, and to appoint Wushu experts or scholar or instructors or researchers to the other party, and different kinds of Wushu competition.

  3. Each party will regularly or irregularly invite the other party to visit their events related to Wushu teaching and training or other Wushu culture, to deepen understand of each other, to promote co-operation.

  4. If one party invite the other party to participate their events, the party will be held liable for the accommodation arrangement and expenses within the area where the events taken place.

  5. If one party request the other party's help to arrange to participate Wushu events, the other party will contribute their own resources as could as far possible to help the arrangement, but the party will pay everything by themselves.

  6. If both parties mutually organize an event in any party's area, the party will be liable for writing the invitation letter and helping with the accommodation arrangement. All the expenses will be paid by themselves.

  7. Any other events arrangement not mentioned in the above Items, both parties will discuss the details according to the situation, each party needs to make proper arrangement depends on the conclusion of discussion.

  8. Anything is not mentioned in the Letter of Intent, both parties will regularly or irregularly negotiate in a friendly manner to mutually promote further co-operation and exchange.

Both parties:

Party A: Fujian High Educational Wushu Committee



Party B: European Fujian White Crane Wushu Committee



Dated: 13 May 1999, Fuzhou

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