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Report on the Suang Yang weekend seminar. November 2000.

This was the last camp of the year. There was a large turnout with about 30 people attending. The camp was held in Brighton, where it was hosted by Russell's club which did an excellent job of arranging food and accommodation for the other club members. People attended the seminar from many places coming from as far afield as Spain.

In the seminar we went back to basics and re-learnt our footwork. This was an invaluable experience for those who had been practising Suang Yang for some time allowing us to correct errors which had crept in. The juniors also found this very beneficial as it gave them intensive training in the basics of our soft style.

We also learnt about the medicinal properties of some plants and their use in cooking. In particular some things which will help ward off colds.

In addition to learning the underlying principles of the soft style we also had the chance to consolidate our knowledge by putting it into practice. We spent some very enjoyable hours using the martial elements of our soft style on each other.

On the social side everyone enjoyed meeting people from different parts around the country. Many of us were surprised by just how much the club has grown. We stayed at Russell's training centre, which was very impressive. Russell and his partner Shaff arranged our evening meal, and Mo cooked a Maharaja curry which can only be described as superb. Many thanks to Russell, Shaff and Mo.

Overall the seminar can only be described as a resounding success. We learnt much more than is possible during the normal lessons, and what we have learnt will help us improve. In conclusion I can recommend that if anyone wants to really improve their hard or soft style, it is essential to attend the weekend training seminars where they will experience Dennis's excellent teaching.

Many thanks to Dennis for arranging this weekend.