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Ibiza Summer Camp Update!

Camp Dates: 15 July 2001 to 22 July 2001

Accommodation: Can Gabriel, Santa Gertrudis.
The house is an old stone farmhouse, situated in the middle of the island. It is fifteen minutes drive from Ibiza and San Antonio. It is in the countryside, with land for training and pine forests for running in!

Outdoor toilet
Outdoor shower and sink both with cold water.
Indoor bathroom with hot water.
Balsa (large concrete irrigation pool) for washing and cooling off
Kitchen and large BBQ

The house sleeps eight with the beds for instructors, all others will be sleeping in tents.

The second house is situated in San Rafael, in the countryside with view of the sea and surrounding hills. It is fifteen minutes drive from Can Gabriel, Ibiza, and San Antonio. The house sleeps 8 (2 double rooms and one single with four single beds). One bathroom with shower kitchen.

Total cost 340-380 - this includes food, accomodation, car hire and flight tickets. Additional activities, like sailing trips, are not included in the costs.

Things to bring: Tents (if you have or can borrow); Sleeping bags; Torches; Training kit (lots of training tops!); Change of clothes for last night eating out; Beach kit; Towels for beach and washing; Mosquito repellent. Might be an idea to bring enough clothes for the week although there is a launderette in the local town.

Temperature: expect it to be around 27-30 degrees. HOT in the day and cool at night so bring trousers and a jumper/sweatshirt for evenings.

Exchange rate roughly 260 Pesetas to the Pound.

Rough idea of Daily Schedule:
06.00-07.00 Early morning run
07.00-08.00 Breakfast
08.00-12.00 Training
12.00-13.30 Kharma kungfu! e.g. food shopping, preparing food, cleaning, wash clothes, paint house etc.
13.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30-17.30 Beach time, siesta etc.
17.30-18.30 Theory
18.30-20.30 Training
20.30-21.30 Prepare food/free time
21.30-22.00 Supper

Last afternoon will be free time to do what you want. Activities include, riding, windsurfing, water skiing, surfing, etc. (10).

On the last day we can charter a sailing boat to Es Palmador and spend the day in the island sulphur mud bath (20)!

Watch this space for flight/other information as it becomes available..., or feel free to contact FWC Instructor Jessica Dunlop for more details.

Jessica Dunlop