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Wushu Scholar - what is it

An online multimedia publication covering all aspects of Chinese martial arts. We merge the disciplines of internet design and usability, filming and video editing, interviewing and journalism, not forgetting martial arts.

How do we do it

Braving extreme winters, climbing unprotected mountain sides and travelling into mosquito-infested forests and jungles, we source and produce our own material. At least twice a year we send a team to China to film, interview, and research on the ground.

We have often to prove our worth in terms of our own martial abilities before masters will talk to us or demonstrate anything. We have to stand up in any situation and at any time whether tired after many hours of plane train bus journey or after a heavy bout of eating and drinking to perform our knowledge of our chosen style.

We have been "demonstration dummies" for masters to show the best way to break a leg or disarm a knife-wielding assassin. Fortunately, their bone-setting skills are often as good as their wushu.

Using our extensive network of contacts we see the most senior and expert practitioners of all styles covered.

Why do we do it

We are the unfiltered voice of China's traditional martial artists. What they tell us, we tell you. We want you to hear their voice. That is our promise to you and to them.

Why do we call it Wushu

This is now the standard term in China for all martial arts, replacing "kung fu", "gong fu", and other dialect words. Wushu is not just for modern competition Wushu, but includes all traditional styles.

So why do you have to pay for it?

Wushu Scholar does not make a profit. All our income goes towards funding our research. Wushu Scholar is also actively involved in assisting efforts in China to restore historic buildings, and modernize Wushu schools training programmes.

Technical Team

1999 saw two young students of traditional Wushu coming out of college and becoming web designers. The germs of the team were Hong and Darius - technical maestros! From their initial designs for a club website, the whole of Wushu Scholar has slowly taken shape. Now there is a floating group of programmers, designers, and support working on continually improving the website. Everything you see we have built ourselves.


Based around a team of four, Danil, Adam, Jonathon, and Chris we share interviewing, writing articles, edit videos and maintain the Wushu Scholar Archives. All keen martial artists ourselves, we feel lucky to have met and interviewed so many Chinese masters, students and enthusiasts. On our research trips we are constantly up against the clock to gather as much as we can in a limited time, whilst taking enough time to talk to people who may have traveled far to meet us. And then the real work starts when we get back home...

China Office

Mr Carl Sheng Yao Lin has been instrumental in setting up our contacts in China, arranging interviews, and translation services. Mr Lin's calm demeanour under pressure is legendary. Although not a martial artist himself he is widely known and respected in Wushu circles.