Two person

21 videos

Patterns designed for two or more people, from choreographed formation, to full speed testing of your opponent

Northern styles

189 videos

Styles like Chan Quan and Pi Gua, which are generally characterised by wide stances and higher kicks

External styles

147 videos

Styles like Shaolin and Liu He, which are characterised by conditioning of the body and hard explosive power

Internal styles

76 videos

Styles like Wudang Quan, Tai Chi and Ba Gua, which are characterised by softness and making use of your opponent's force

Fighting applications

17 videos

Pushing hands, qin na, lei tai, san da and general application of wushu principles


90 videos

Weapon patterns, from straight sword and spear to more exotic varieties like meteor hammer and tiger hook swords

Southern Styles

29 videos

Styles like Five Ancestors and White Crane, which are characterised by short stances and tight movements, particularly those from Guangdong and Fujian Provinces