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Added 21-Nov-2007

A young practitioner demonstrates his skill with a traditional broadsword. The pattern is fast moving and is occasionally out of shot.

4.03MB, 0m54sec, 0.79


Added 21-Nov-2007

One of the senior masters demonstrates the staff pattern. Filmed in Wudang in 2004.

9.42MB, 2m12sec, 1.29

Liu He Spear

Added 21-Nov-2007

A long and detailed Liu He spear pattern that demonstrates the way this classical weapon can attack from every angle.

8.82MB, 2m03sec, 1.29

Wushu champion broadsword

Added 14-Aug-2007

This is a championship level modern wushu broadsword pattern, filmed in Jinan City, 2003. The speed and cleanness of this competitor.s jumps are truly fist-rate, and although this is only a practice session, all the competitors are assessed all the time and need to be at the top of their game to continue to be part of the Shandong Provincial Wushu Team.

4.52MB, 1m02sec, 0.99

White Crane Sai Pattern

Added 05-Aug-2007

A student of Master Su Ying Han performs a section of a Sai pattern from the Yong Chun White Crane style. Although young, the student is trying to make his movements expressive and loose. A common mistake of beginners is to do the opposite: tense up to the point that every movement looks mechanical. Filmed in Yong Chun, Fujian Province, 2001.

4.06MB, 0m55sec, 0.99

Competition Staff

Added 28-May-2007

Zhang Feng is back again with an individual staff pattern for which he had won Silver in 2003. The pattern is highly acrobatic and Zhang Feng shows his great showmanship by nailing the contrast between speed and stillness. Performance is a key part of this art form.

5.2MB, 1m09s, 1.29

Long Boxing

Added 28-May-2007

Wang Shuai demonstrates Long Boxing, one of the set patterns in competitions, characterised by fast, clean movements of the Northern School of Chinese Wushu. Some of the jumps in this pattern are so fast that the cameraman is barely able to capture them: speed, airtime, number of revolutions, height and complexity of the aerial technique all win extra points.

5.6MB, 1m13s, 1.29

Jing Wu Twin Broadsword

Added 09-Apr-2007

A graceful exhibition of twin swords in flight. Master Li Da Ling performs this pattern during a practice session at the Jing Wu school in Shanghai, hence the relaxed and confident nature in which the movements are performed. Filmed in April 2006.

4MB, 0m52sec, 0.99

Jing Wu Straight Sword

Added 09-Apr-2007

A straight sword pattern featuring a number of unusual strikes and angles - for example, low strikes to the ankles and overhead to an opponent to the rear. Filmed in April 2006.

3.9MB, 0m54sec, 0.99

Jing Wu Broadsword

Added 10-Mar-2007

A senior Jing Wu master performs a broadsword pattern from the Jing Wu style. This pattern demonstrates the standard principles of this weapon,as well as some more intricate aerial twists and turns.

3.8MB, 0m54sec, 0.99