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Shaolin Flexibility and Health Pattern

Added 14-Aug-2007

This video shows a young Shaolin monk doing the traditional flexibility pattern. Don.t try some of these eye-watering movements and positions at home..!

9.09MB, 2m04sec, 1.29

Shaolin Flexibility Training

Added 14-Aug-2007

A montage of young Shaolin Monks going through their warm up and stretching exercises in advance of practice. Filmed at the Da Fa Wang Temple, Songshan.

4.0MB, 1m49sec, 1.29

Wudang Longevity Pattern

Added 14-Aug-2007

Daoist techniques to achieve a healthy long live are legendary, so much so that the area is considered to be one of the main homes of immortals in China. This video gives you a rare chance to see the complete Wudang longevity pattern. It is taught to . and is here performed by . recovering cancer patients in Shiyan City, Wudang Mountains Area. Please note, because of the length of the pattern this video has a large file size.

30.8MB, 7m00sec, 1.29

Wudang Tai Chi Ball (part 2)

Added 05-Aug-2007

The second part of this quintessentially Wudang pattern that captures the grace and profound quietude of the style. Performed by Master Cai Xing Feng at the base of Wudang mountain, 2004.

4.34MB, 1m00sec, 0.99

Yang Tai Chi Quan

Added 05-Aug-2007

Master Niu Huai Lu demonstrates a segment of the Yang Style Tai Chi pattern. Master Niu is one of the most respected Tai Chi practitioners in Shandong Province. Filmed in the Wushu Research Institute, Jinan City, Shandong, 2003.

4.05MB, 0m57sec, 0.99

Xin Yi Liu He

Added 05-Aug-2007

Section of the Xin Yi Liu He pattern from the Xing Yi family of styles. Performed by Master Lu He Peng in Shanghai.

3.0MB, 0m41sec, 0.99

Wudang Tai Chi

Added 09-Apr-2007

This excerpt from the Wudang tai chi pattern showcases the incredibly strong legs and foundation of Master Cai Xing Sheng, the practitioner here. His stance is low and solid yet the illusion of 'moving as if floating on clouds' is maintained. Filmed in September 2004.

7.0MB, 1m39sec, 0.99

Tea Shop Bagua - Hangzhou

Added 05-Feb-2007

Depending on the style and the practitioner, Bagua often features very few overt strikes. Martial applications of the movements often centre on locks, breaks and throws. That is not to say that Bagua does not have strikes, but like many styles, they are hidden and require the practitioner to seek them out. This is one of the more martial Bagua patterns in appearance released this month, which makes it extremely attractive and instructional for a Bagua practitioner.

5MB, 1m08sec, 1.29

Tai Yuan Bagua

Added 05-Feb-2007

In Taiyuan, Wushu Scholar met the Shaanxi Xing Yi association, who are a huge presence in the regional martial arts scene. Whilst they primarily teach and practice the Dai family style of Xing Yi, as is often found, the masters were also quite adept at bagua and tai chi. Here, Master Liu Ding Yi shows Bagua as practiced in this region. Unlike the Xing Yi he practices, which is outwardly quite linear and powerful, Bagua appears circular, deceptive and soft. It is this balance of opposites that makes Xing Yi and Bagua such good styles to accompany each other. Filmed in Taiyuan, May 2005.

5.9MB, 1m18sec, 1.29

Zhu Yu Ming Bagua

Added 05-Feb-2007

We met Zhu Yu Ming in December 2003, where she is a professor of Wushu at the Beijing Sports University. In all of her patterns, although paced correctly, each move was crisp and clear. On examining the photographs after the filming session, we were totally amazed that each photo looked as if it had been posed - eyes totally focussed, hands perfectly formed, stance balanced and correct...that is called perfection of ones art. Filmed in Beijing, December 2003.

6.8MB, 1m32sec, 1.29