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Group pattern: Spear, Staff and Broadsword

Added 28-May-2007

Zhao Zhi Guang, Duan Yong Bin and Zhang Feng perform this pattern with pace and gusto. The key to group patterns, particularly those involving weapons, is good timing between all the participants. You have to not only know yourself but also your partners and be able to adapt instantaneously to any change in position, pace, rhythm or even order of movements.

5.5MB , 1m11s, 1.29

Southern Fist Two Person Pattern

Added 01-Oct-2006

Two person patterns are an important part of the martial artist's arsenal, they teach a practitioner how to apply their style's principles with the correct distancing, timing and rhythm that makes them effective.

3.2MB, 0m48sec, 0.99

Baji Two-Man Pattern

Added 03-Sep-2006

A two man pattern is not a fight. It is a pattern, containing the unique blend of principles, techniques, physical and mental exercises that makes Chinese martial arts different to other fighting arts. What does this two man Baji pattern tell us about the style? Elbows, shoulders, fists, legs . there are the full range of strikes. Forwards, backwards, sideways, circular . there is a full range of motion. Strikes, locks, pushes, unbalancing . Baji is a complete style, and two man patterns like this must be observed closely to see that completeness shine through.

18.3MB, 2m00sec, FREE

Qing Cheng Chan Shou Dui Da

Added 03-Sep-2006

When Wushu Scholar travelled to Qing Cheng in May 2005, we were overwhelmed by the patterns displayed by these practitioners of a lesser known but complete Daoist style. Whilst talking to the current head of the style, Master Li Sui Bin, he explained that one of the key principles of the style was .small movements, big effect. Big movements, small effect.. This pattern demonstrates how small wrist and arm movements are used in a fight to deflect attacks and strike. Filmed in May 2005.

7.0MB, 0m56sec, 0.99

Shaolin Short Fight Pattern

Added 04-Dec-2005

A frenetic pace and two eager young practitioners, this two man pattern is all about outpacing your rival! Critics of Shaolin be warned - if you can't keep up, run away!

5.6MB, 0m43sec, 0.79

Two Person Shaolin Conditioning Pattern

Added 05-Jun-2005

Mats? who needs them when you've concrete to fall on. These two Shaolin monks slam, flip, strike, kick and punch through a two person conditioning pattern.

4.5MB, 1m03sec, 0.99

Qingcheng Two Person Sword

Added 14-Aug-2007

Description: A beautifully choreographed two person straight sword pattern. Qingcheng is one China.s oldest internal styles and, like Wudang, it places particular emphasis on swordsmanship. Filmed in Qingcheng, 2005.

4.86MB, 1m10sec, 0.99

Two Spears against Twin Broadsword

Added 28-May-2007

Another group pattern and in my opinion one of the best demonstrations of the day. The three girls, Chen Li, Yuan Feng Ling and Ding Hai Juan, give a performance that is fiercer and also in a way more mature than that of the boys in the first video. The movements are not as agile and acrobatic, but are filled with spirit. Just watch the weapons flying and one of the broadswords breaking apart. The camera always distorts what it shows, but this if nothing else testifies to the power in the blows exchanged. The ending of the pattern, after all the weapons are down, is brilliant. Look at the pride, spirit and fire radiating from the competitors when they square up to each other one last time.

5.1MB, 1m06s, 1.29

Two Man Staff Pattern - Water Margin

Added 09-Apr-2007

An extremely well coordinated two man staff pattern. In this sequence, the moves flow naturally without jerkiness or hesitation. The rhythym of the moves often switches to the off-beat, meaning the masters have to adapt quickly and can't switch off. Filmed in September 2004.

3.8MB, 0m50sec, 0.99

Shaolin Ying Shou Staff

Added 06-Aug-2006

This is a key beginning staff pattern from the Shaolin stable. The staff being used is exceptionally thin and light . this is befitting for the children.s age and size, but also typical of many wushu patterns. Filmed in Da Fa Wang Shaolin Temple, Henan, May 2005.

6.0MB, 0m40sec, 0.79