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Master Su Ying Han explains Yong Chun White Crane

Added 20-Aug-2008

Yong Chun White Crane is one of the oldest existing styles of traditional wushu. Created in the 17th century by Fang Qi Niang in the social cauldron that was Fujian Province after the Qing invasion of China, the style boasts an unbroken recorded lineage all the way down to the present day. This video shows Master Su Ying Han demonstrate the first pattern of Yong Chun White Crane, San Zhan, breaking it down into key sections. At the same time the voiceover explains the principles that underpin San Zhan, translated from an interview with Master Su. The video is designed as an introduction to the style and is the first in a series of more in-depth videos covering some of China's most famous styles to be produced by Wushu Scholar.

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Added 21-Nov-2007

This is a good example of the Northern School of traditional Wushu. The jumping movements are cleanly executed and every strike is delivered with obvious power.

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Qing Cheng Sticking Hands

Added 21-Nov-2007

A senior practitioner and one of his younger style brothers demonstrates the principles of the rare internal style of Qing Cheng Quan. Defence against strikes with hands and feet all while maintaining contact with your opponent - this is classical pushing or sticking hands.

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Added 21-Nov-2007

A young practitioner demonstrates his skill with a traditional broadsword. The pattern is fast moving and is occasionally out of shot.

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Added 21-Nov-2007

One of the senior masters demonstrates the staff pattern. Filmed in Wudang in 2004.

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Liu He Spear

Added 21-Nov-2007

A long and detailed Liu He spear pattern that demonstrates the way this classical weapon can attack from every angle.

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Ba Ji 2

Added 21-Nov-2007

A girl performing the powerful Ba Ji style of traditional wushu.

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Ba Ji

Added 21-Nov-2007

A fast paced pattern from the Ba Ji style of traditional wushu. The demonstration takes place outside in a sand arena and the constrained space means that some of the movements are just out of shot.

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Tang Tui

Added 21-Nov-2007

The wide sideways stance used by this practitioner is typical of many styles practiced in North and Central China. These stances are designed for speed of movement and allow the fighter to cover a large distance quickly. The power of the waist can be used to whip the legs around quickly to trap or sweep an opponent, or just to sidestep their attack. This is a key section of a larger pattern.

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Article - Shaolin and Wudang Health and Longevity Patterns

Added 14-Aug-2007

Both Daoism and Chan Buddhism see meditation as a key practice. However it is often so arduous that it has negative side effects on the monks. health, so over the centuries elaborate flexibility, energy, health and longevity techniques have been developed to help the monks and these have been incorporated into the Shaolin and Wudang martial arts systems that are practiced to this day.