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Article - Kicking and Flexibility

Added 06-Nov-2005

An old phrase runs something like this - "Train your legs twice as hard to get them half as good as your hands". Kicking done properly is inspiring and frightening, but relies on a massive amount of flexibility. This months Silver article explores the basics of kicking, the difference between performance and power, and why Chinese martial arts (and masters) used to demand that students "eat their toes" before being taught.


Article - The Daoist mysteries of Qingcheng

Added 02-Oct-2005

Locked away in the misty mountains of Sichuan, a rare style of Daoist kung fu has developed in secret, known only in the martial arts community as the Robber's Style.


Article - Natural Boxing Fighting Strategy

Added 04-Sep-2005

Speed, flow and relentless assault - these sum up the fighting style of Zi Ran Men, or Natural Boxing. For Silver subscribers this month, we've compiled video clips showing Master Gu Jian Liang's unbelievable attacking speed, a selection of unique Natural Boxing fighting drills, and a special treat - a section of the Natural Boxing straight sword pattern. In our article, you can learn for yourself why Natural Boxing is so revered in the martial arts world and more of the principles of Master Gu's fighting style. Read more.


Article - The Muslim Master of Cangzhou

Added 05-Aug-2005

This month.s Silver Issue is dedicated to an inspirational man by the name of Zhang Shao Fu, an 83 year old Muslim Master of Liu He style. We met Master Zhang in Cangzhou in the winter of 2003 and were invited to his house. This was a rare honour and a display of great trust and generosity on the part of Master Zhang, who had never met us until that visit. In this way we got a glimpse of the private life of this man, who in his long years has taken his chosen art to unbelievable heights. Now we want to share that experience.


Article - Shaolin Kung Fu

Added 03-Jul-2005

Shaolin Kung Fu is the most famous and celebrated name in the world of martial arts. This Silver Issue seeks to dispel some myths about it and establish the real legacy of the monks from Shaolin Temple and the influence they have had in the development of other Chinese styles of Kung Fu as well as their place in the modern world.


Article - The Martial Arts of Wudang

Added 05-Jun-2005

The Wudang Mountains are one of the most sacred places in China, the centre of Daoist Religion. The mountains are said to be home to numerous immortals and throughout centuries famous scholars, warriors and even Emperors would make a pilgrimage here to learn the secrets of the Dao. One consequence of this has been a great flowering of Martial Arts in Wudang, particularly of internal styles which are intimately connected with Daoist ideas.


Article - Water Margin Editorial

Added 01-May-2005

The article details Wushu Scholar Team's research trips to Shandong Province in search of any modern descendants of the famous Water Margin Styles of Kung Fu from the time of Liang Shan Po bandits.