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Wushu Emei Fu Ha Quan

Added 05-Feb-2006

A wushu team coach shows an Emei pattern. In this performance, he shows that wushu can be no-nonsense and physical as well as flowery. Filmed in Emei, Sichuan, May 2005.

5.3MB, 0m42sec, 0.99

Shaolin Drunken Spear

Added 05-Feb-2006

An admirable performance of a drunken style pattern. Despite being far too young to drink, this boy shows how wild unpredictability can work to the advantage of the less than sober martial artist. Filmed at Da Fa Wang Shaolin Temple, Henan, May 2005.

7.0MB, 1m02sec, 0.99

Tai Chi Ball

Added 05-Feb-2006

A rarely seen tai chi ball pattern. Filmed in the Zi Xiao Hall, Wudang Mountain, May 2005.

5.2MB, 0m56sec, 0.99

Emei Short Pattern Compilation

Added 01-Jan-2006

A compilation of three fragments of Emei martial patterns, performed impromptu under the trees.

12.7MB, 1m21sec, 0.99

Emei Guan Dao

Added 01-Jan-2006

An Emei Guan Dao pattern performed by a senior master. A heavy weapon wielded effortlessly.

12.9MB, 2m01sec, 1.29

Emei Seven Hurt Fist

Added 01-Jan-2006

An Emei Wushu pattern filmed at the Leshan Wushu School, Sichuan Province.

7.8MB, 1m09sec, 1.29

Shaolin Quan Freehand Snake pattern

Added 01-Jan-2006

One of the 72 core Shaolin fighting patterns, this pattern imitates the sharp and deadly movements of a snake.

7.9MB, 0m58sec, 0.99

Shaolin Staff

Added 01-Jan-2006

A powerful staff pattern filmed in December 2003. Master Sun repeatedly whacks the loose decking with his staff, reminding casual observers why they should pay attention!

12.0MB, 0m54sec, 0.99

Jumping Kicks

Added 04-Dec-2005

How high can you kick?

12.7MB, 1m44sec, 0.79


Added 04-Dec-2005

A compilation of flips and aerial movements filmed at the Shaolin Da Fa Wang Temple, Henan Province, May 2005.

12.2MB, 1m48sec, 0.79