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Straight kicks

Added 04-Dec-2005

A novice martial artist begins with the basics - straight kicks, drilled to perfection.

16.8MB, 2m00sec, 0.79

Pei Huai Li Yang Qing

Added 04-Dec-2005

Proving the long-term benefits of kung fu, this pattern shows how regular practice can knock on the door of the miraculous. Like Pigua, Tong Bei and a number of other northern styles, this style uses the arms like two devastating chain whips.

5.4MB, 0m42sec, 0.79

Emei Twin Straight Sword

Added 04-Dec-2005

A well executed sword pattern. Control and flow are required for this pattern, along with unbelievable flexibility. Watch and learn boys!

7.1MB, 0m57sec, 0.99

Shaolin Short Fight Pattern

Added 04-Dec-2005

A frenetic pace and two eager young practitioners, this two man pattern is all about outpacing your rival! Critics of Shaolin be warned - if you can't keep up, run away!

5.6MB, 0m43sec, 0.79

Chen Tai Chi

Added 06-Nov-2005

A different angle on Chen style tai chi.

8.0MB, 1m51sec, 0.99

Chen Pao Cui - Cannon Hammer

Added 06-Nov-2005

Master Zhang shows how power is generated in Chen style tai chi.

3.6MB, 0m50sec, 0.99

Chen Tai Chi

Added 06-Nov-2005

Chen tai chi balances the soft with the hard.

8.1MB, 1m56sec, 1.29

Chung Yang Sword

Added 06-Nov-2005

The scholars weapon, handled by a scholar.

3.2MB, 0m46sec, 0.99

Water Margin Flying Tiger

Added 06-Nov-2005

One of the styles from the outlaws of the marsh?

2.2MB, 0m34sec, 0.99

Qingcheng Crane

Added 02-Oct-2005

Flow and circular moves intermittently punctuated by flying ones.

3.1MB, 1m00sec, 1.29