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Qingcheng Dan Bian Quan

Added 02-Oct-2005

The constant changing directions cause the opponent to be confused.

3.4MB, 1m05sec, 1.29

Qing Cheng Tea Arts

Added 02-Oct-2005

The Chinese love of artistic movement comes out even in their everyday life.

12.0MB, 3m00sec, 1.29

Frog Style

Added 02-Oct-2005

No insects required.

3.0MB, 0m54sec, 0.99

Shaolin Mantis Fist

Added 02-Oct-2005

Based on the speed and power of the Preying Mantis.

2.8MB, 0m38sec, 0.79

Ba Gua

Added 02-Oct-2005

Practitioner Ma Don Li walks the circle.

3.3MB, 1m00sec, 0.99

Natural Boxing Training Sequences

Added 04-Sep-2005

As natural boxing is done at a fast pace, so is their training! Master Gu Jian Liang demonstrates some of the training sequences.

7.2MB, 1m54sec, 1.29

Wudang Da Dao

Added 04-Sep-2005

For those of you that cannot speak Mandarin, "Da Dao" is "Big Sword." What you see is what you get.

3.0MB, 0m41sec, 0.99

Chen Tai Chi

Added 04-Sep-2005

Ma Yue performs this Chen Tai Chi pattern with aplomb. He manages to combine the slow and delicate, with the fast and dynamic, beautifully creating one single flow. Delightful.

4.0MB, 1m00sec, 0.99

Emei Seven Stars

Added 04-Sep-2005

A very tight Seven Star pattern. Practitioner Tang Ye Hong moves with precision and power to bring this pattern to life.

2.6MB, 0m38sec, 0.99

Ba Ji Guan Dao

Added 05-Aug-2005

The Guan Dao, the weapon of General Guan Yu, the heaviest of all the weapons, spun round like a mere piece of doweling by an 83 year old defies belief.

6.2MB, 1m31sec, 1.29