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Emei Gong Li Style

Added 03-Jul-2005

Filmed at the picturesque Emei Tea Museum, this is a wonderful Emei style pattern. Incorporating the traditional hand and feet combinations.

6.8MB, 1m28sec, 0.99

Fighting in Wudang Style

Added 05-Jun-2005

Master Cai Xin Sheng demonstrates how the principles of Wudang Quan can be used in a fighting situation. Included are kicking and punching techniques and, as a special treat, taking on an opponent armed with a sword!

5.2MB, 1m05sec, 1.29

One Door Pattern of Wudang Quan

Added 05-Jun-2005

Master Cai Xin Sheng demonstrates the essential characteristics of Wudang Style: low stances to enable flowing intricate movement, use of internal energy to deliver strikes, sudden changes of direction powered from the twisting of the waist, changes of speed from slow to fast then to slow again. It is easy to see why Wudang Martial Arts are said to be the root of all internal styles of Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi. The combination of grace and power make the movements seem magical.

6.2MB, 1m30sec, 1.49

Wudang Internal Art

Added 05-Jun-2005

Master Du Xin De is the Head Daoist Priest of White Horse Mountain Temple in Wudang. He has dedicated his life to the practice of Daoist Religion and Daoist Martial Arts, which for him are inseparable. In his performance the calm flow of Wudang Quan is coupled with internal power, sudden explosive energy. It is as if the pattern is a physical embodiment of the Way, a skill worthy of immortals.

10.9MB, 2m30sec, 1.49

Shaolin Scorpion Style

Added 05-Jun-2005

This is an amazingly athletic Shaolin scorpion style pattern. Watch it! Enjoy it!

3.7MB, 0m53sec, 0.79

Two Person Shaolin Conditioning Pattern

Added 05-Jun-2005

Mats? who needs them when you've concrete to fall on. These two Shaolin monks slam, flip, strike, kick and punch through a two person conditioning pattern.

4.5MB, 1m03sec, 0.99

Spear vs Three Section Staff Pattern

Added 01-May-2005

Master Dong Kui and Master Li Cheng Ren perform a rare traditional pattern spear against three section staff to demonstrate the comparative uses of these two weapons.

5.50Mb, 1m10sec, 1.29

Snake Spear

Added 01-May-2005

Master Li Cheng Ren performs a pattern with the Snake Spear - an ancient Chinese weapon from the times of the water margin, still occasionally found in traditional Wushu today.

7.80Mb, 1m35sec, 1.29

Northern Style

Added 01-May-2005

Master Wu Xin Tao performs a typical freehand pattern of the northern school of kung fu. Filmed in Wudang, September 2004.

2.60Mb, 0m45sec, 0.99

Wudang Broad Sword

Added 01-May-2005

Master Wang Shang Xu demonstrates the key opening section from his Thirteen Broadsword for Nine Doors at Night pattern. Though in his mid-eighties he still has the energy to gain exceptional height in his jumps and spins. Filmed at Shi Yan City, Dong Yue Gu Tai (Eastern Hill Ancient Statue) Garden, Wudang, China, 2004.

3.60MB, 0m55sec, 0.99