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Shaolin Broadsword

Added 01-Oct-2006

A young monk at Da Fa Wang Temple in Henan Province performs his single broadsword pattern. The monk's movements are crisp and fluid and he controls his body well, however he has not yet achieved mastery of his chosen weapon. Although the attacking movements of the sword are sure, the young man sometimes looses focus when the sword is passive or returning, allowing the blade to waver.

2.8MB, 0m40sec, 0.99

Emei Boxing

Added 01-Oct-2006

Emei Quan is not a single style. Rather it is a family of styles that have long been practised together. This Emei pattern is distinguished by lightning snake hand attacks and rapid changes of direction, with strikes often delivered at 90 or 180 degrees to the line of attack on the previous movement. In a way characteristic of many northern and internal styles, and different from the southern schools, the stance is strong but not rooted, allowing the whole body to be thrown behind movements, adding its momentum to the power generated by the limbs and waist.

3.3MB, 0m47sec, 1.29

Baji Two-Man Pattern

Added 03-Sep-2006

A two man pattern is not a fight. It is a pattern, containing the unique blend of principles, techniques, physical and mental exercises that makes Chinese martial arts different to other fighting arts. What does this two man Baji pattern tell us about the style? Elbows, shoulders, fists, legs . there are the full range of strikes. Forwards, backwards, sideways, circular . there is a full range of motion. Strikes, locks, pushes, unbalancing . Baji is a complete style, and two man patterns like this must be observed closely to see that completeness shine through.

18.3MB, 2m00sec, FREE

Baji Spear

Added 03-Sep-2006

In this fantastic Baji spear pattern filmed in the very birthplace of the style, the practitioner shows every conceivable use of the spear. The full range of use is demonstrated, from using the flexible whip of the spear.s shaft to slash and pound opponents, right down to holding the tip of the spear like a dagger. Baji is famous for its spear style, and it is easy to see why.

17.3MB, 2m00sec, FREE

Baji Muslim Master Pattern

Added 03-Sep-2006

This Baji master is noticeably older than the other practitioners featured in Silver videos this month. Yet in the context of martial arts, that only indicates a compliment. His pattern still contains the power and intent of the younger stylists, but each movement is perfectly placed and controlled. There is no excessive movement, no limb out of alignment, no hesitation or uncertainty. What does it show? This man has placed his faith in the principles of the style, and not in strength or aggression.

9.9MB, 1m18sec, FREE

Qing Cheng Chan Shou Dui Da

Added 03-Sep-2006

When Wushu Scholar travelled to Qing Cheng in May 2005, we were overwhelmed by the patterns displayed by these practitioners of a lesser known but complete Daoist style. Whilst talking to the current head of the style, Master Li Sui Bin, he explained that one of the key principles of the style was .small movements, big effect. Big movements, small effect.. This pattern demonstrates how small wrist and arm movements are used in a fight to deflect attacks and strike. Filmed in May 2005.

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Shaolin Monkspade

Added 03-Sep-2006

This elder of the Da Fa Wang Shaolin Temple wields a heavy monkspade expertly. The monkspade was exactly that . a farming tool converted for use as a weapon. The .shovel. end is sharpened and can be used to slice, stab or bludgeon an opponent. Filmed in September 2004.

8.0MB, 0m57sec, 0.99

10 Animals Xing Yi . Part 2

Added 06-Aug-2006

Part 2 . The final five of the 10 Animal movements broken down and displayed individually. Here Master Chen Ke Qiang is performing the movements for the camera, and you can see clearly how each move is performed. For each move, he shows a specific martial application. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

12.9MB, 3m35sec, 1.29

10 Animals Xing Yi - Pattern

Added 06-Aug-2006

A pattern exhibiting the 10 Animal Xing Yi styles movements in sequence. The animals are: dragon, snake, bear, chicken, monkey, .yao., horse, swallow, eagle and tiger. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

7.0MB, 1m34sec, 1.29

10 Animals Xing Yi . Push Hands

Added 06-Aug-2006

Master Chen Ke Qiang of Xing Yi 10 Animals style practises push hands with another local master and his student. The fluidity of his movements is key, never stopping or jerking his movements yet always maintaining a solid stance and body posture. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

7.1MB, 1m30sec, 0.99