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Wu Style Tai Chi

Added 04-Jun-2006

The full Wu/Hao style tai chi pattern. As explained in the accompanying Silver article this month, Wu/Hao tai chi is a rare style with uniquely tall and compact movements. Although derived from the larger frames of Yang and Chen tai chi, in Wu/Hao tai chi, you will rarely see deep stances, open arms or a lean of the body. This is a long pattern, with a large file size, but well worth getting hold of. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

76MB, 17m07sec, 1.49

Freehand Southern Style Pattern

Added 04-Jun-2006

A strong and physical pattern featuring many of the hall marks of a southern style . strong and fast hand movements, a solid and locked stance, and total absence of excessive movement. Filmed in Zhang Zhou, May 2002.

2.6MB, 0m38sec, 0.79

Shaolin Three Section Staff

Added 04-Jun-2006

A full-pace and frankly scary three-section-staff pattern from a young lay-student of the Da Fa Wang Shaolin temple in Henan. Filmed in May 2005.

3.1MB, 0m52sec, 1.29

Water Margin Nine Section Whip

Added 30-Apr-2006

A nine section chain whip is a devastating weapon similar in principle to the rope dart. The weapon has to be kept in constant motion to be effective, so this practitioner uses every part of his body to keep the momentum going. Filmed in Jinan, September 2004.

4.7MB, 0m41sec, 0.99

Shaolin Drunken Sword

Added 30-Apr-2006

A drunken straight sword pattern performed by a lay-student of Shaolin martial arts. Filmed at Da Fa Wang Shaolin Temple, Henan, May 2005.

5.5MB, 1m09sec, 0.99

Wudang Xin Yi

Added 30-Apr-2006

To complete our May 2006 Xing Yi special, this pattern shows an alternative take on the principles of one of China.s trinity of internal martial arts. Rather than pick on the differences between Dai.s Xin Yi and Wudang Xin Yi, look towards the similarities. The common shapes and movements shared by the two lineages reveal the deeper principles of the style. Filmed in Zi Xiao Hall, Wudang Mountain, May 2005.

5.2MB, 1m20sec, 1.29

Dai's Xin Yi

Added 30-Apr-2006

Master Huo performs the Xin Yi pattern from which his unique method of power generation originates. Outwardly simple, the complex internal mechanics only become clear once the power erupts explosively. Filmed in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, May 2005.

4.2MB, 0m55sec, 1.29

Dai style Xin Yi's Unique Power Generation

Added 30-Apr-2006

In this video, Master Huo explains a unique method of energy generation in Dai style Xin Yi. This is a rare piece of footage featuring detailed interview sections intermingled with impromptu demonstrations. Filmed in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, May 2005.

11.7MB, 2m32sec, 1.29

Emei Broadsword

Added 02-Apr-2006

An absolutely frenetic broadsword pattern, performed at breakneck speed! Filmed in Emei, Sichuan Province, May 2005.

4.7MB, 0m41sec, 0.99

Water Margin Twin Harvest Knife

Added 02-Apr-2006

A well balanced twin-weapon pattern performed by a master of the forgotten Water Margin styles. Filmed in Jinan, September 2004.

6.8MB, 0m40sec, 0.99