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Added 05-Aug-2005

Kung fu lives and breathes through its practitioners to the extent that it would die without them, so it is great delight to see a whole family practicing. Here we have Master Zhang's Grandson performing his pattern.

8.2MB, 1m55sec, 0.99

Twin Broad Sword

Added 05-Aug-2005

Slice and dice. You want someone chopped up into tiny pieces, well, learn the twin broad sword and you can do it! The video is of Mr Zhang, Master Zhang Shao Fu's son and student.

5.6MB, 1m20sec, 1.29

Master Zhang Shao Fu

Added 05-Aug-2005

There are no roaring lions or smoking incense here, just the well used weapons racks and scuffed floor of a well used training room. Master Zhang Shao Fu belies his advancing years (83) to perform a flowing Baji pattern.

3.6MB, 0m53sec, 1.49

Tai Zhu Tang Quan

Added 05-Aug-2005

Direct, straight to the point and with the minimum of fuss, Huang Gui Hua demonstrates the Tai Zhu Tang Quan style.

3.2MB, 0m43sec, 0.99

Shaolin Long Boxing

Added 05-Aug-2005

You can't get more authentic than this, filmed at the Da fa Wang Temple on the side of Songshan mountain. A practicing Daoist monk and one of the Famous Shaolin patterns.

3.5MB, 0m48sec, 0.79

Three Section Staff

Added 05-Aug-2005

Master Li Chun He demonstrates a three section staff pattern complete with some big swipes designed to take out a whole raft of attackers, to some very small and deft changes of direction which confuse and misdirect.

3.8MB, 0m52sec, 0.99

Shaolin Soft Fist

Added 03-Jul-2005

Master Shi Xing Sen demonstrates a very rare Shaolin pattern called Soft Fist, destroying the stereotype prevalent in the West that Shaolin Kung Fu is solely hard and external. This pattern emphasizes the use of internal energy, which is generated by the powerful Dan Tian breathing. Notice how the camera shakes each time Master Sen exhales with a mighty shout.

9.6MB, 2m13sec, 1.49

Da Hong Quan

Added 03-Jul-2005

A group of fighting monks from the Fa Wang Temple demonstrates Da Hong Quan, one of the classic Shaolin free hand forms, in a display of perfect timing.

4.5MB, 0m57sec, 0.99

Yi Jin Jing

Added 03-Jul-2005

Master Wang Hai Ying demonstrates the ancient Shaolin art of Yi Jin Jing or sinew metamorphosis, which is said to be one of the original skills taught to the monks at Shaolin Temple by Damo, or Bodhidharma . the first patriarch of Chan Buddhism.

13.4MB, 3m02sec, 1.49

Modern Wushu Competition Pattern

Added 03-Jul-2005

Modern wushu is easy isn't it? You just jump around a bit and yell whilst squatting low.. You do a no-handed cartwheel then!

4.7MB, 1m06sec, FREE