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Two Spears against Twin Broadsword

Added 28-May-2007

Another group pattern and in my opinion one of the best demonstrations of the day. The three girls, Chen Li, Yuan Feng Ling and Ding Hai Juan, give a performance that is fiercer and also in a way more mature than that of the boys in the first video. The movements are not as agile and acrobatic, but are filled with spirit. Just watch the weapons flying and one of the broadswords breaking apart. The camera always distorts what it shows, but this if nothing else testifies to the power in the blows exchanged. The ending of the pattern, after all the weapons are down, is brilliant. Look at the pride, spirit and fire radiating from the competitors when they square up to each other one last time.

5.1MB, 1m06s, 1.29

Tai Cho 2

Added 09-Apr-2007

Second of the three Tai Cho (Tai Zhu) patterns released with this issue. Chen Jing Cheng performs a longer pattern, which showcases how the compact stances of the southern styles are used to change both height and direction, enabling the fighter to defend himself against multiple opponents.

7.2MB, 1m36sec, 1.29

Jing Wu Straight Sword

Added 09-Apr-2007

A straight sword pattern featuring a number of unusual strikes and angles - for example, low strikes to the ankles and overhead to an opponent to the rear. Filmed in April 2006.

3.9MB, 0m54sec, 0.99

Cai Xing Sheng Pushing Hands

Added 10-Mar-2007

Master Cai Xing Sheng and student practice pushing hands in the courtyard of the Zi Xiao hall on Wudang Mountain. They show a range of different pushing hands that reflect the athleticism and expansiveness of Wudang style - firstly, the stances often sink extremely low to the floor, and then Cai and his student demonstrate pushing hands at extremely close range, literally using their bodies in place of their hands. When Cai or his student sense the advantage, they capitalise immediately with a sudden displacement, lock or throw. Filmed in May 2005.

12.6MB, 2m40sec, 1.29

Jing Wu Broadsword

Added 10-Mar-2007

A senior Jing Wu master performs a broadsword pattern from the Jing Wu style. This pattern demonstrates the standard principles of this weapon,as well as some more intricate aerial twists and turns.

3.8MB, 0m54sec, 0.99

Jing Wu Freehand Pattern

Added 10-Mar-2007

A freehand pattern of the Jing Wu style. The pattern is laid out in a simple cross shape, with attacks carried out to each of the four directions. The performance is characterised by simple foot movements and fast strikes of the hands.

3.5MB, 0m49sec, 0.99

Tai Yuan Bagua

Added 05-Feb-2007

In Taiyuan, Wushu Scholar met the Shaanxi Xing Yi association, who are a huge presence in the regional martial arts scene. Whilst they primarily teach and practice the Dai family style of Xing Yi, as is often found, the masters were also quite adept at bagua and tai chi. Here, Master Liu Ding Yi shows Bagua as practiced in this region. Unlike the Xing Yi he practices, which is outwardly quite linear and powerful, Bagua appears circular, deceptive and soft. It is this balance of opposites that makes Xing Yi and Bagua such good styles to accompany each other. Filmed in Taiyuan, May 2005.

5.9MB, 1m18sec, 1.29

Jing Wu Xing Yi

Added 05-Feb-2007

A version of the internal style Xing Yi. This is performed at practice speed rather than as a performance, as this master concentrates on honing the movements. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

3.5MB, 0m49sec, 0.99

Dragon Hook Swords

Added 05-Feb-2007

Turning and spinning in circles, the dragon hook swords are used as a pair to catch and severe limbs. Not pleasant. They also have blades surrounding the handle for use at short range, and as you can see in this pattern, they can also be turned around and a small 'dagger' is fashioned from the hilt of the sword. Filmed in Jinan, September 2004.

4.1MB, 0m55sec, 0.99

Yong Chun White Crane

Added 01-Jan-2007

One of Master Su Ying Han's students performs the 4th pattern from the Yong Chun White Crane lineage. This student had only been training for 3 years when he took part in this demonstration, and he has clearly learnt well. His stance is always rooted and supporting him, his movements are focussed and precise, and his spring power is developing. He still has a long road to travel before his pattern contains the energy of his seniors, but he is well on the way.

4.5MB, 1m04sec, 1.29