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Shaolin Flexibility and Health Pattern

Added 14-Aug-2007

This video shows a young Shaolin monk doing the traditional flexibility pattern. Don.t try some of these eye-watering movements and positions at home..!

9.09MB, 2m04sec, 1.29

Shaolin Flexibility Training

Added 14-Aug-2007

A montage of young Shaolin Monks going through their warm up and stretching exercises in advance of practice. Filmed at the Da Fa Wang Temple, Songshan.

4.0MB, 1m49sec, 1.29

Wudang Longevity Pattern

Added 14-Aug-2007

Daoist techniques to achieve a healthy long live are legendary, so much so that the area is considered to be one of the main homes of immortals in China. This video gives you a rare chance to see the complete Wudang longevity pattern. It is taught to . and is here performed by . recovering cancer patients in Shiyan City, Wudang Mountains Area. Please note, because of the length of the pattern this video has a large file size.

30.8MB, 7m00sec, 1.29

Qingcheng Two Person Sword

Added 14-Aug-2007

Description: A beautifully choreographed two person straight sword pattern. Qingcheng is one China.s oldest internal styles and, like Wudang, it places particular emphasis on swordsmanship. Filmed in Qingcheng, 2005.

4.86MB, 1m10sec, 0.99

Canon style

Added 14-Aug-2007

A segment of the Canon Style pattern that displays that style.s distinctive canon fist techniques. Filmed in Emei, Sichuan Province, 2005.

5.13MB, 1m10sec, 0.99

Yong Chun White Crane

Added 14-Aug-2007

A segment of a Yong Chun White Crane free hand pattern, typical of the style with fast, precise hand movements that display intricate locking and trapping applications.

4.00MB, 0m56sec, 0.99

Wushu champion broadsword

Added 14-Aug-2007

This is a championship level modern wushu broadsword pattern, filmed in Jinan City, 2003. The speed and cleanness of this competitor.s jumps are truly fist-rate, and although this is only a practice session, all the competitors are assessed all the time and need to be at the top of their game to continue to be part of the Shandong Provincial Wushu Team.

4.52MB, 1m02sec, 0.99

Article - Mantis Style

Added 05-Aug-2007

Shandong Province has a rich martial arts heritage, including its claim to be the home of the Mantis Style, one of the most expressive and immediately recognisable styles of kung fu. Mantis Style or Tang Lang Quan is said to have been developed at the end of the Ming Dynasty, beginning of the Qing, and has since split into a number of distinct branches, two of which have been filmed for this issue.


Sun Bin Style

Added 05-Aug-2007

This traditional northern style is named after the famous strategist and general from China.s Warring States Period. Performed by Master Zhao Yong Chang. Filmed in Qing Dao, Shandong Province, 2144.

3.15MB, 0m41sec, 1.29

Qi Xing Tang Lang

Added 05-Aug-2007

Master Chen Le Ping performs the popular Seven Star Mantis. Compare the rhythm, stance and hand movements with the Tai Chi Mei Hua Tang Lang pattern in video 1. Often related styles seen side by side tell us a lot about how differently a particular principle can be interpreted. Filmed in Qing Dao, Shandong Province, 2144.

4.0MB, 0m54sec, 1.29