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Tai Chi Mei Hua Tang Lang

Added 05-Aug-2007

Master Zhang Bing Dou performs a brilliantly expressive pattern from this rarer variety of the Mantis Fist. The style has its roots not only in Mantis but also in Tai Chi Quan, sharing internal and external principles. Filmed in Qing Dao, Shandong Province, 2144.

4.51MB, 1m01sec, 1.29

Wudang Tai Chi Ball (part 2)

Added 05-Aug-2007

The second part of this quintessentially Wudang pattern that captures the grace and profound quietude of the style. Performed by Master Cai Xing Feng at the base of Wudang mountain, 2004.

4.34MB, 1m00sec, 0.99

Yang Tai Chi Quan

Added 05-Aug-2007

Master Niu Huai Lu demonstrates a segment of the Yang Style Tai Chi pattern. Master Niu is one of the most respected Tai Chi practitioners in Shandong Province. Filmed in the Wushu Research Institute, Jinan City, Shandong, 2003.

4.05MB, 0m57sec, 0.99

White Crane Sai Pattern

Added 05-Aug-2007

A student of Master Su Ying Han performs a section of a Sai pattern from the Yong Chun White Crane style. Although young, the student is trying to make his movements expressive and loose. A common mistake of beginners is to do the opposite: tense up to the point that every movement looks mechanical. Filmed in Yong Chun, Fujian Province, 2001.

4.06MB, 0m55sec, 0.99

Xin Yi Liu He

Added 05-Aug-2007

Section of the Xin Yi Liu He pattern from the Xing Yi family of styles. Performed by Master Lu He Peng in Shanghai.

3.0MB, 0m41sec, 0.99

Group pattern: Spear, Staff and Broadsword

Added 28-May-2007

Zhao Zhi Guang, Duan Yong Bin and Zhang Feng perform this pattern with pace and gusto. The key to group patterns, particularly those involving weapons, is good timing between all the participants. You have to not only know yourself but also your partners and be able to adapt instantaneously to any change in position, pace, rhythm or even order of movements.

5.5MB , 1m11s, 1.29

Competition Staff

Added 28-May-2007

Zhang Feng is back again with an individual staff pattern for which he had won Silver in 2003. The pattern is highly acrobatic and Zhang Feng shows his great showmanship by nailing the contrast between speed and stillness. Performance is a key part of this art form.

5.2MB, 1m09s, 1.29

Two Spears against Twin Broadsword

Added 28-May-2007

Another group pattern and in my opinion one of the best demonstrations of the day. The three girls, Chen Li, Yuan Feng Ling and Ding Hai Juan, give a performance that is fiercer and also in a way more mature than that of the boys in the first video. The movements are not as agile and acrobatic, but are filled with spirit. Just watch the weapons flying and one of the broadswords breaking apart. The camera always distorts what it shows, but this if nothing else testifies to the power in the blows exchanged. The ending of the pattern, after all the weapons are down, is brilliant. Look at the pride, spirit and fire radiating from the competitors when they square up to each other one last time.

5.1MB, 1m06s, 1.29

Long Boxing

Added 28-May-2007

Wang Shuai demonstrates Long Boxing, one of the set patterns in competitions, characterised by fast, clean movements of the Northern School of Chinese Wushu. Some of the jumps in this pattern are so fast that the cameraman is barely able to capture them: speed, airtime, number of revolutions, height and complexity of the aerial technique all win extra points.

5.6MB, 1m13s, 1.29

Article - Modern Wushu

Added 28-May-2007

This month's release is dedicated to the modern wushu champions we visited in Jinan City in 2003. They showed in action better than any argument can that gong fu is still very much at the heart of modern competition wushu.