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Tai Yuan Bagua

Added 05-Feb-2007

In Taiyuan, Wushu Scholar met the Shaanxi Xing Yi association, who are a huge presence in the regional martial arts scene. Whilst they primarily teach and practice the Dai family style of Xing Yi, as is often found, the masters were also quite adept at bagua and tai chi. Here, Master Liu Ding Yi shows Bagua as practiced in this region. Unlike the Xing Yi he practices, which is outwardly quite linear and powerful, Bagua appears circular, deceptive and soft. It is this balance of opposites that makes Xing Yi and Bagua such good styles to accompany each other. Filmed in Taiyuan, May 2005.

5.9MB, 1m18sec, 1.29

Zhu Yu Ming Bagua

Added 05-Feb-2007

We met Zhu Yu Ming in December 2003, where she is a professor of Wushu at the Beijing Sports University. In all of her patterns, although paced correctly, each move was crisp and clear. On examining the photographs after the filming session, we were totally amazed that each photo looked as if it had been posed - eyes totally focussed, hands perfectly formed, stance balanced and correct...that is called perfection of ones art. Filmed in Beijing, December 2003.

6.8MB, 1m32sec, 1.29

Xu Jian Guo - Shanghai Bagua

Added 05-Feb-2007

Master Xu Jian Guo performs Bagua Zhang as taught to him by his father, the famous Xu Wen Zhong. This pattern is fast, but alternates to moments of calm and poise. A pattern is a training tool, but it is also a performance. Circle walking can be slow, but here Master Xu walks fast. When he crouches, the power and control is latent. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

7.5MB, 1m37sec, 1.29

Jing Wu Xing Yi

Added 05-Feb-2007

A version of the internal style Xing Yi. This is performed at practice speed rather than as a performance, as this master concentrates on honing the movements. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

3.5MB, 0m49sec, 0.99

Nan Quan

Added 05-Feb-2007

One of many patterns in the style Nan Quan or 'Southern Fist'. This features typically tight footwork and an emphasis on hand strikes. However, there are a few low kicks dotted around the pattern, and some less than obvious sweeps. See if you can spot them! Fimled in Zheng Zhou, May 2001.

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Qing Cheng Tai Chi

Added 05-Feb-2007

The Daoist styles found in Qing Cheng are typically soft and 'internal' similar to those found in Wudang, although unfortunately less well known in the West. This pattern shows one of the internal forms from the system. Filmed in Qing Cheng, May 2005.

6.1MB, 1m26sec, 0.99

Dragon Hook Swords

Added 05-Feb-2007

Turning and spinning in circles, the dragon hook swords are used as a pair to catch and severe limbs. Not pleasant. They also have blades surrounding the handle for use at short range, and as you can see in this pattern, they can also be turned around and a small 'dagger' is fashioned from the hilt of the sword. Filmed in Jinan, September 2004.

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Article - Introduction to Yong Chun White Crane

Added 01-Jan-2007

Yong Chun White Crane is one of the richest martial arts lineages Wushu Scholar has encountered in twenty years of research. In Yong Chun itself, the art is alive and kicking and practised by hundreds of local residents, over four hundred years after its initial conception by a small but determined village woman. Master Su Ying Han is one of the leading practitioners of white crane alive today, and on many occasions has sat with us to explain the key principles of this style. This article looks at those principles in depth, focussing on what the beginner needs to know in order to lay the foundation for their future progression in this style.


Twin Yong Chun Thumb Hook Swords

Added 01-Jan-2007

Both of Master Su Ying Han's children have studied with him for over twenty years. His daughter, the elder of the two siblings, has learnt quietly and diligently in a world dominated by male martial artists. However, as this pattern shows, she is easily the equal of any of her fellow students. This pattern, using twin thumb hook swords, requires extreme concentration and focus - in many movements, the blades must be guided with total committment within inches of the body or face. Filmed in Yong Chun, Fujian, December 2004.

6.12MB, 1m25sec, 1.29

Yong Chun White Crane

Added 01-Jan-2007

One of Master Su Ying Han's students performs the 4th pattern from the Yong Chun White Crane lineage. This student had only been training for 3 years when he took part in this demonstration, and he has clearly learnt well. His stance is always rooted and supporting him, his movements are focussed and precise, and his spring power is developing. He still has a long road to travel before his pattern contains the energy of his seniors, but he is well on the way.

4.5MB, 1m04sec, 1.29