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Muslim Baji Trident

Added 05-Nov-2006

The trident is a heavy weapon, and this senior Baji master wields it with care and precision. As a master matures, his patterns will become less about vigour and power, and focus more on precision and focus. This master's movements are not as physically commanding as they may have been in younger years, but his facial expression demonstrates his total concentration and absorption in the pattern.

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Article - Shanghai and the famous Jing Wu school in the 1950s

Added 01-Oct-2006

For many martial artists, Shanghai martial arts are inseparable from the legendary Jing Wu school. It was guided by a single noble aim - to become an academy for all Chinese martial arts. This article is an insight into the historical conditions in which Jing Wu was founded, and through the eyes of two ex-students, we glimpsed what martial arts was like in Shanghai during the 1950s.


Fighting applications . Li Da Ling

Added 01-Oct-2006

Master Li Da Ling shows a number of martial applications. When Master Li was younger, he regularly fought as part of his district wushu team. These bouts were open competitions, with little of the protection or contact rules seen in San Da competitions these days. Speaking from experience (I was the one he was hitting!) his attacks and movements had meaning. Of the many masters who I have felt demonstrate strikes or locks, his were among the best. Most importantly, as Master Li is not a physically large person, his fingers were strong and locks precise. Filmed in Shanghai, April 2006.

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Jing Wu Drunken Spear

Added 01-Oct-2006

Master Li Da Ling performs a drunken spear pattern from the Jing Wu stable. The movements during a drunken pattern are meant to disorient an opponent, who can never be sure whether the practitioner is attacking or retreating. The drunk throws his whole weight behind an attack, and yet never seems to lose his balance. Master Li is performing the pattern quite freely and loosely, but in another video released this month, you can see how the movements might apply in a fighting situation. Filmed in Jing Wu, Shanghai, April 2006.

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Jing Wu Elephant Style

Added 01-Oct-2006

Of the many animal styles of martial arts, there are a few which can truly be called .rare.. Elephant style is little known and even less widely practised. The strikes are based on the elephant.s trunk, using the closed fist predominantly. However, the impact point is not limited to the knuckles, and any part of the fist is intended for use. This practitioner.s arms roll out flexibly, as if there was no bone structure, to mimic the elephant.s trunk. Filmed at Jing Wu, Shanghai, April 2006.

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Jing Wu Straight Sword Pattern

Added 01-Oct-2006

In this straight sword pattern, the practitioner moves quickly and decisively. He uses a number of different strikes, aiming high and low, circular and straight. The pattern is performed slightly faster than many typical straight sword patterns, made slightly easier by the light-weight and flexible practice sword. Filmed in Jing Wu, Shanghai, April 2006.

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Tong Bei Quan

Added 01-Oct-2006

Master Gao Zhang Kuan performs a section of the Tong Bei Quan pattern. Tong Bei is a style based on the movements of a legendary white ape, hence the wide, sweeping movements of the arms designed to overwhelm the opponent with continuous attack. The style was first created in the Emei area and then spread all over North China. Master Gao was the Chinese national champion in his youth.

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Shaolin Broadsword

Added 01-Oct-2006

A young monk at Da Fa Wang Temple in Henan Province performs his single broadsword pattern. The monk's movements are crisp and fluid and he controls his body well, however he has not yet achieved mastery of his chosen weapon. Although the attacking movements of the sword are sure, the young man sometimes looses focus when the sword is passive or returning, allowing the blade to waver.

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Emei Boxing

Added 01-Oct-2006

Emei Quan is not a single style. Rather it is a family of styles that have long been practised together. This Emei pattern is distinguished by lightning snake hand attacks and rapid changes of direction, with strikes often delivered at 90 or 180 degrees to the line of attack on the previous movement. In a way characteristic of many northern and internal styles, and different from the southern schools, the stance is strong but not rooted, allowing the whole body to be thrown behind movements, adding its momentum to the power generated by the limbs and waist.

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Southern Fist Two Person Pattern

Added 01-Oct-2006

Two person patterns are an important part of the martial artist's arsenal, they teach a practitioner how to apply their style's principles with the correct distancing, timing and rhythm that makes them effective.

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