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This section of the web site is devoted to articles and other material that the editorial team has put together from the results of our continuing research in China. The research project we are undertaking has two aims: First, to introduce to a wide audience the vast body of knowledge about Martial Arts collected in China over the centuries, most of which has never been made available to the general public. Second, to try to record and preserve some small part of the wisdom and life experiences of a passing generation of Masters, many of whom have lived through the turbulent changes of the Imperial, Nationalist and Communist eras, and are now in their eighties and nineties.

The material contained within this section is based upon personal recorded interviews with Chinese Masters, translations of texts they have provided, many of them hand-written and preserved within their family for generations, and reviews of historical records.

We travel to China every year and have done so over the past decade, slowly building personal relationships and friendships without which this work would not be possible. We aim to continue our research into the foreseeable future. For this reason the information in this section should be viewed by the reader as Work in Progress - new articles will come out regularly and many of the current ones will be up-dated with any new information we learn. Watch this space, as the saying goes...

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