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Wushu Scholar appreciates that adventurous travelers often enjoy traveling with their friends or family. We want to reward you for inviting them on your next adventure vacation, by making you the Leader on any Wushu Scholar trip. The more people you bring, the cheaper your trip becomes!

Pick your favorite Wushu Scholar trip from the Wushu Scholar Travel database and simply include your friends or family on the trip reservation forms.

You can then keep this discount to yourself, or share it with your team.

Group Size (including you):
  • 1 Person Group - 0% per person discount

  • 2 Person Group - 3% per person discount

  • 3 Person Group - 5% per person discount

  • 4 Person Group - 7% per person discount

  • 5 Person Group - 9% per person discount

  • 6 Person Group - 11% per person discount

  • 7 Person Group - 13% per person discount

  • 8 Person Group - 15% per person discount

  • 9 Person Group - 17% per person discount

  • 10 Person Group - 19% per person discount

  • 10+ Person Group - Contact us for details on even bigger savings!

Note the following group discount conditions:
  1. Applies to land costs only - excludes costs of airfare and other incidental costs.

  2. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

  3. Land costs per passenger must exceed $1,000 to apply for the above discounts.

  4. Group Leader is responsible for placing reservations for entire team in order to track and award discounts.
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