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Some advice on how to get the most from Wushu Scholar Subscription & Travel:

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How to get the most from your subscription - or the "How Wushu Scholar Works" Page

Every week new releases are listed on a mailout - inclusion is by choice, so make sure you are on the list.

New releases are also shown on the homepage. Usually you can only see the latest week's releases in the space available. So if you haven't logged on for a couple of weeks, the "more releases" button.

Check out the site weekly for changes and new releases.

There are two levels of subscription, silver, and bronze. For Bronze we aim to release three new items every week, including videos, articles, and images. These releases may or may not be related to each other. Silver releases are monthly, and are packaged into related items or themes (such as a particular style, region, or subject).

Keep your subscriber profile up to date, particularly your email address, so that we can contact you if there are any problems with your subscription. It is not our policy to send out bulk emails unless there is going to be a major change to the site. We will only write to you if there is a problem with your subscription, or if you contact us.


Older releases are archived, and are therefore not available for view. However, every month, we re-release a group of items from the archive. Some of these are items which have been requested. Most are grouped together by subject (for example, White Crane, or Natural Boxing).

What do Wushu Scholar do?

We show you honestly what we find out - what people tell us we tell you. Of course we don't swallow any old story, but we give a healthy respect to the honesty and patience that we find amongst Chinese martial artists. Will you find out the secrets of their styles??? Well…if they tell us then you will. But if they want to keep them as secrets, then let it be.

We go to China at least once a year, but our work continues all year. It takes a long time to make contact with martial artists in China, explain what we do and then visit and film.

We film, photograph and interview masters and other martial artists ourselves, so what you see are the products of our own research. Only rarely will a master allow a pattern to be filmed and published in full, and we always respect their wishes. This is why not all of our videos are not of complete patterns. Instead the videos give a "flavour" of a style by showing you key sections and characteristic moves. Interviews provide more insight into the people behind the arts, histories of styles, and principles of the martial art.

What do Wushu Scholar do?

Upcoming developments

More commentaries on videos

More "how to" articles with time lapse photography

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Wushu Scholar Travel

Wushu Scholar Travel is designed to help you simplify researching your next trip. Find your next trip by using our powerful and easy-to-use Trip Finder tool on our homepage or draw inspiration from our Destination Guides and features.

Wushu Scholar has everything you need to choose the right trip and prepare for your journey.

Trip Finder

Find just the trip you're looking for. Search by location, by activity, by price, or departure. You can even look for trips by their physical, mental, and technical difficulty. Search results can then be sorted by the same criteria, helping you to hone in on the trip that's just right for you.

Destination Guides

Our own guidebook, this section offers content that both informs and inspires, featuring in-depth travel and cultural information.

My Wushu Scholar

Get more from your Wushu Scholar experience by joining My Wushu Scholar. You'll find out about great deals and discounts with access to our members-only Travel Specials page, keep informed about exciting destinations and one-of-a-kind trips via our e-mail newsletter, earn entries for trip giveaways, and more. Plus, you'll get your very own Travel File, which allows you to save favorite trips to your wish list with just one click.

Information and Services

Travel Advisories - Here you can get information on passport and visa requirements and resources; areas of instability and official travel warnings; and global medical facilities.

Health and Vaccinations

Find out which vaccinations you will need and tips on avoiding sickness while traveling.
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