Training in the homeland of your discipline under masters renowned within China can bring your personal practice to a higher level.

Wushu Scholar can truly help you achieve the training experience of a lifetime.....
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Use the form below to make further enquiries regarding the set up of your personalised China training experience.
  • Each of our training programs is individually tailored so practitioners of all levels and abilities will benefit. We can cater for different trip durations and diets.
  • One of our dedicated representatives will ensure you have appropriate accommodation, transport and local currency throughout the duration of your stay. They will also help you arrange supplementary sightseeing trips or other excursions if required.
  • Most importantly, your representative will introduce you to your master and act as your translator during day-to-day conversation as well as during your training sessions. Our representatives will help immerse you in world of Chinese culture and guide you in appropriate etiquette.
  • Remember to include basic information such as the course(s) you are interested in completing, duration of your intended stay in china, previous martial arts experience, medical conditions, dietary requirements, proficiency in spoken Mandarin and any other special needs or requests.
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