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Serious martial artists know that the experience of training in the homeland of your discipline can bring your personal practice to a higher level. Wushu Scholar can now help you arrange training with masters whose reputations are renowned within China. Each training program is individually tailored to the student so practitioners of all levels and abilities will benefit.
For more course information, to find out about accommodation costs, or to book a place, Click Here.

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. . Su Yin Han - yong chun white crane style
Coming from a long line of famed Wushu Masters and Chinese Doctors, Su has spent his life in Yong Chun, where his style of Wushu originates. He trained with one of the famous crane masters, Pan Rui Dang.
. . Ruan Dong - calling crane style
Ruan Dong is a renowned master of the Calling Crane style. He was born in 1933, in the village of Qian Yu, Fujian Province. He lives in the provincial capital Fuzhou.
. . Gu Jian Liang - natural boxing style
Gu Jian Liang is a master of the Natural Boxing Style having studied directly under Master Wan Lai Sheng. He was born in Fujian Province and is the General Secretary of the Natural Boxing Research Committee.
. . Hu Cheng Wu - dog style
Master Hu Cheng Wu has been practising Dog Style Wushu or Gou Quan since the age of 14. He currently runs a school dedicated to the propagation of this traditional style in the City of Fuzhou
. . wushu schools, tours and sightseeing
For over 20 years, members of the Wushu Scholar team have been traveling back and fourth to China. From the moment you land in China, you will be accompanied by your own Wushu Scholar representative dedicated to looking after your individual needs for the duration of your trip... "You don't worry!"
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