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Natural Boxing (Zi Ran Men) Fighting Skills - 3 Months
Natural Boxing (Zi Ran Men) Fighting Skills - 3 Months
duration: 13 Weeks trip ref: 15
departure dates: All dates available except Chinese National holidays.
min/max price (US$): 3911 / 4735
min/max group size: 1 / 20
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Physical Difficulty
physical ability rating 1
Mental Difficulty
mental rating 3
Technical Difficulty
technical rating 2
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Natural Boxing is a Northern Chinese Wushu style, made famous in the twentieth century by Master Wan Lai Sheng, who was celebrated both as an unbeaten fighter, winner of many challenge matches and lei tai competitions, and one of the first modern scholars of Wushu.

Master Wan brought Natural Boxing Wushu from Beijing area down south to Fujian Province, where he lived during the later part of his life. This course will be taught by Master Wan's only live-in disciple, Master Gu Jian Liang.

Expect a lot of fast attacking movements, for which this style is rightly famous - speed is a key principle of Natural Boxing.

Conditioning exercises form an important and integral part of Natural Boxing Training (including Iron Shirt) - Natural Boxing makes use of many conditioning training aids including steel rings, steel bars, steel balls, iron ball filled bean bags etc.

This course is suited to you if you would like to focus on developing or improving your fighting skills. Natural Boxing theory and practical applications are taught hand in hand.

Training is taught in 2 week cycles as follows.

Week 1 - Training is 1.5 hours in the morning & 1.5 hours in the evening Mon-Fri i.e. 06:00-07:30 & 19:00-20:30.

Week 2 - Training is 1.5 hours in the morning Mon-Fri i.e. 06:00-07:30.

Start times may vary seasonal to accommodate daylight hours.

This 2 week cycle is repeated for subsequent weeks until trip completion.

Your training syllabus is determined by your training requirements and is also based on your training progress - as a guide within one month an good student would learn 3 fighting skills, 2 practical patterns and hand & body conditioning.

The following list details the training & patterns on offer.

Foundation Training:
1. Wood Man Fighting Training
2. Sand Bags
3. Tiger Mouth Staff
4. Big Pot Edge
5. Happy Bird Rings
6. Big Heavy Ball
7. Nine Star Hiding and Escaping Brick
8. Iron Sand Bag

Single Man Patterns:
1. Liu He Fist
2. Qing Long (Black Dragon) Fist
3. Black Tiger Fist
4. Zi Mu Lian Huan Fist (Child and Mother Continuing Fist)
5. Inter 8 Fighting
6. Hiding 8 Fighting (An Ba Da)
7. Ming Ba Da (8 Fighting in Front)
8. Outer 8 Fighting
9. Inter 8 Legs
10. Man Jiang Hong Pattern
11. Tong Bei Skill
12. Shi Lu Tan Tui
13. Pratical Fist
14. Outer & Inner Legs
15. Yan Xing Fist (Swallow Style)
16. Luo Han Shen Da (Luo Han Dramatically Fighting)
17. Practical Sword
18. Ba Xian Sword (8 Sages Sword)
19. Kun Wu Sword
20. Ba Gua Lian Huan Jian (Sword)
21. Double Swords
22. Double Hooks
23. Horse Teeth Thorn
24. Pratical Broad Sword
25. Jin Ci Feng Huan Single Broad Sword (Golden Wing Pheonix Single Broad Sword)
26. Liu He Cutting Broad Sword
27. Double Broad Sword
28. Pratical Staff Liu He Spear
29. Jin Qiang 24 forms (Golden Spear 24 forms)
30. Zhang San Feng Taichi
31. Zhang San Feng Taichi Sword

2 Man Patterns:
1. Shaolin 6 Hammers
2. Shaolin Pushing Hands
3. Ba Bu Gou (8 Steps Hook)
4. Double Training Fists
5. Two People Cutting Swords
6. Free Hands Taking Single Broad Sword
7. Free Hands Taking Double Broad Sword
8. Free Hands Taking Spear
9. Taichi Two Man Training Pattern

Fighting Skills:
1. Wheels Fighting Enemy
2. Continuing Fighting Skill
3. Stepping Fighting Skill
4. Turning over Fighting Skill
5. Cha Da Skill (Involving Fighting Skill)
6. Sheafing Legs Wrestling Skill
7. Chicken Jumping Step Skill
8. Dog Escaping Skill
9. Bird Jumping Skill
10. Active Fighting Skill
11. Flashing Fighting Skill
12. Returning Body and Legs Skill
13. Happy Bird Legs Skill
14. Side Body Closing Fighting Skill
15. Heart Fighting Skill
16. Kicking Sky legs Skill
17. Continuing Legs skill
18. Rolling Body Fighting Skill
19. Ghost Calling Door
20. Agile Cat Climbing Tree
21. Sage Culling Fruits
22. Black Tiger Taking Heart
23. Cat Escaping, Fighting and Jumping Skill
24. Sharking, Slipping and Fighting Skill
25. Seven Stars Steps
26. Cross Steps
27. Stopping Legs Skill
28. Occasional Fighting Hands
29. Snake Biting Skill
30. Happy Bird Hands

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