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Yong Chun White Crane - 1 Year
Yong Chun White Crane - 1 Year
duration: 52 Weeks trip ref: 24
departure dates: All dates available except Chinese National holidays.
min/max price (US$): 14351 / 15716
min/max group size: 1 / 20
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Physical Difficulty
physical ability rating 3
Mental Difficulty
mental rating 3
Technical Difficulty
technical rating 3
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Yong Chun White Crane is the original form of the famous white crane system, as preserved in the village of Yong Chun where it was first invented over three hundred years ago by Master Fang Qi Niang. It is one of the most influential styles of Wushu, and many other styles in the South, as well as some styles of Okinawan Karate, draw their lineages from it.

This course is led by Master Su Ying Han, who can trace his line of teachers all the way back to Fang Qi Niang. The teaching will take place in Yong Chun itself, which has now grown into a middle size town in the mountainous inland of Fujian Province.

Expect a lot of intricate hand techniques, bridging and trapping, as well as fast footwork. Pattern practice is a major part of the training, including 2 man conditioning patterns.

The teaching style and methods are very traditional and relaxed with much emphasis on correct movements.

Teaching is predominantly by way of repetition to ensure the student develops strong foundations. Training focus is also given to breathing techniques and techniques to teach you how to bring your force forward.

Training is taught in 2 week cycles as follows.

Week 1 - Training is 1.5 hours in the morning & 1.5 hours in the evening Mon-Fri i.e. 06:00-07:30 & 19:00-20:30.

Week 2 - Training is 1.5 hours in the morning Mon-Fri i.e. 06:00-07:30.

Start times may vary seasonal to accommodate daylight hours.

This 2 week cycle is repeated for subsequent weeks until trip completion.

Your training syllabus is determined by your training requirements and is also based on your training progress - as a guide each pattern takes 1-2 weeks to learn. The following list details the patterns on offer.

Empty Hand Patterns:
1. Seven Step Three Wars - Beginner
2. Thirteen Wonders - Beginner
3. Thirteen Step Style - Beginner
4. Duck Dives In Water - Intermediate
5. The Cross Fight - Intermediate
6. Fist Penetrating Heart - Intermediate
7. White Crane Flaps Its Wings - Intermediate
8. The Beauty Puts On Makeup - Advanced
9. Cricket Faces The Sun - Advanced
10. From The Middle Cross - Advanced
11. Strong Man Takes Off Boots - Advanced
12. White Crane Raises Its Claw - Advanced
13. Brave Tiger Leaves The Hill - Advanced
14. Eight Separate Inches Way - Advanced

Weapon Patterns:
1. Three Wars Noon Stick - Beginner
2. Three Legged Tiger Stick - Intermediate
3. Grandfather's Fishing Stick - Intermediate
4. Crane Wings Double Broadsword (Major Star Does Somersault) - Intermediate
5. Snake Catcher Bamboo Stick - Advanced
6. Crane Wings Double Broadsword (Twin Dragons Rush Out To The Sea) - Advanced
7. Hook Spear - Advanced
8. Iron Ruler - Advanced
9. Twin Crutches - Advanced
10. Single Broadsword - Advanced
11. Iron Rake - Advanced
12. Kwan Do (Guan Dao) - Advanced
13. Large Green Dragon Sword - Advanced

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