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Real Shaolin Fighting Monks - 3 Months
Real Shaolin Fighting Monks - 3 Months
duration: 13 Weeks trip ref: 3
departure dates: All dates available except Chinese National holidays.
min/max price (US$): 3375 / 12830
min/max group size: 1 / 20
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Physical Difficulty
physical ability rating 2
Mental Difficulty
mental rating 3
Technical Difficulty
technical rating 2
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Northern Shaolin Wushu is probably the best known of all Chinese Wushu styles, made famous all over the world by the many legends of the monks of Shaolin Temple.

In fact many different styles have been taught in the Shaolin Temple over the centuries by resident masters, that is why it is more correct to describe Northern Shaolin as a family of styles as opposed to a single one.

Today Shaolin Temple on Songshan Mountain is applying for World Heritage site status by UNESCO, so students are not allowed to be trained within the temple walls. Instead a number of Shaolin Wushu Schools have opened their doors at the foot of the mountain.

There is more than one temple on Songshan and not far from Shaolin stands the second oldest Buddhist Temple in China, the Da Fa Wang Temple. It is actually five hundred years older than Shaolin and unlike its more famous neighbour, Fighting Monks are still allowed to be trained there.

The course will be taught in the Songshan Shaolin Wushu School & the Da Fa Wang Fighting Monks Temple.

Click here to read a training write up by a student who travelled to Da Fawang temple in 2005.

Training is full day at the Fighting Monks temple (2.5 hours in the morning & 2.5 hours in the evening) alongside the fighting monks. Start times may vary seasonal to accommodate daylight hours.

Your training syllabus is determined by your training requirements and is also based on your training progress - as a guide each pattern takes 1-2 weeks to learn. The following list details the patterns/styles on offer:

1. Foundation Training (taught as part of all courses):
- All over body strength (Legs, arms, fingers etc.)
- Fundamental hand postures (open palm & closed fist)
- Fundamental stances
- All over body flexibility
- Shaolin kicking skills
- Shaolin breathing skills
- Force spreading
- Shaolin fighting skills (including footwork)
- Basic fitness (morning forest/stair runs on Songshan)
- Conditioning (optional)

The head monk will tailor your foundation training according to your body condition and martial arts background i.e. training will be focused to build on weak areas

As well as providing the physical basis for skillful Shaolin Kung Fu, foundation training is used to train will power.

Good foundation skills coupled with styles/taolu training will enable you to become proficient at powerful force spreading.

2. Shaolin Medicine
- Injury treatment
- Acupuncture
- Massage

Learning Shaolin medicine will allow you to understand basic body anatomy and acupuncture/fighting points.

With knowledge of Shaolin medicine, you will understand how to protect your body and how to fight more effectively (i.e. learn point fighting).

Equally important, you will acquire the know-how to understand and aid injury recovery.

This course is available as an option for half a day per week to supplement any Shaolin Kung Fu course, or can be learnt on a full-time basis.

3. Five Steps style (Wu Bu Quan)
- Learn how to spread force effectively and correctly without damage to your own body

This is a basic foundation pattern/taolu of Shaolin martial arts, designed to help you understand the correct movement of different body parts and the basic movements in Shaolin Kung Fu.

Trained to a competent level, you will be able to progress quickly in other Shaolin patterns/taolu.

4. Luo Han Quan
- Powerful, quick & direct movements
- Build up basic foundation body strength and speed of movement/reaction
- Learn how to coordinate your body movements and breathe
- Learn to develop strong striking force

Luo Han Quan is classed as a hard style. All the moves are very straight and when you are competent, it helps you to bring out your force in a ferocious manner.

This pattern will need 2 to 3 weeks learning.

5. Seven Stars Broad Sword (Shaolin Qi Xing Dao)
- Learn an important Shaolin weapon
- Train your hands to handle weapons naturally and in a fluent way
- Learn to transmit your force through a weapon
- Foundation weapons training for all other Shaolin Weapons
- Learn to balance your body movements when using a weapon

This weapon is recommended after you have acquired basic knowledge and competence in foundation Shaolin Kung Fu.

This pattern requires 3 weeks for a student with good Shaolin foundation skills.

It is advised that this course is only trained after at least 3 free hand patterns.

6. Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan (Shaolin Luo Han Quan)
- Gain body flexibility and balance
- Learn to balance your movements in your upper and lower body
- Learn a complete Shaolin style (soft & hard skills)
- Includes practical jumping, kicking and fist moves

Known as a typical Shaolin traditional style, popular in Northern China especially in the ancient Chinese armies (mastered by famous army heroes).

It is widely accepted that this style contains all that is required for basic health and fighting skills.

Normally this pattern takes 2-3 weeks to learn for a strong competent student.

7. 2-Man Shaolin Shield and Broad Sword (Shaolin Dun Pai Dao)
- Learn the basic principles of defending, attacking and escaping when using weapons against weapons
- Includes teaching of fighting strategy
- Learn a practical fighting weapon
- Develop fast hand eye weapons coordination skills

Since this pattern is a 2 man weapons pattern, it is only recommended for intermediate and advanced students - students must have good requisite Shaolin Kung Fu foundation skills.

8. Shaolin Shen Bian (Shaolin Spirit Whip)
- Advanced weapons pattern
- Arm strengthening training drills using a heavy staff

With good foundation, body conditioning and strong arms, you will be eligible to start training this weapon.

It is a difficult and time consuming weapon to learn requiring a strong body.

9. Shaolin Hidden weapon (Shaolin An Qi)
- Advanced weapons training (dagger, needles, arrows, stones, coins etc.) for long distance attacks
- Weapons are hidden under clothing to gain a fighting advantage
- Continuous learning, no time limits

Only available to dedicated students who have trained for minimum one year and are considered to be a student of good character and standing.

10. Shaolin Chicken Style (Shaolin Ji Quan)
- Very fast sudden movements used to confuse opponents (hands and feet)
- Focus on flexibility and agility

This style is appropriately named as the movements mimic those of a chicken. Skills taught include cock fighting skills.

This pattern typically takes 2 weeks training and is suitable for students of all skill levels.

11. Shaolin Drunken Staff (Shaolin Zui Gun)
- Drunken monkey moves designed to launch sudden attacks on your opponent
- Learn how to deliver your force correctly in a powerful way
- Designed to also escape from attacking opponents

Only available to students who have attained competence in use of the basic staff weapon.

This pattern is considered an advanced weapons pattern which usually requires 3 weeks training for a very competent practitioner.

12. Shaolin Monkey style (Shaolin Hou Quan)
- Learn agile monkey-like movements
- Evasion and escaping tactics from advancing opponents
- Fast and skillful movements

Style created to mimic the agile monkey.

This pattern usually takes three weeks to learn for an intermediate student who has at learnt at least 3 other patterns to a competent and fluent level.

13. Shaolin Turtle style (Shaolin Bie Quan)
- Hard style with the main principle of strong movements for close range fighting

This style takes three weeks to learn and can be learnt by students of all abilities.

14. Shaolin Duck style (Shaolin Ya Quan)
- Duck fighting skills completely different to other styles
- Fast, sudden and hidden movements used to confuse opponents
- Peculiar but effective escaping skills
- Develops your flexibility and agility
- Focus on training fast hands and foot movements

Animal style to mimic the movements of a duck - typically this style takes two weeks to learn.

This style is open to students of all abilities and is good for building up flexibility and agility.

15. Shaolin Locust style (Shaolin Ma Zha Quan)
- Fast fighting and escaping skills
- Deceptive movements to baffle and confuse opponents
- Special jumping skill to help you move fast and suddenly to attack opponents

Animal style to mimic the movements of a locust typically taking two weeks to learn.

This style typically takes three weeks for learning and is open to students of all abilities.

16. Shaolin White Ape Man style (Shaolin Bai Yuan Quan)
- Includes deceptive fighting and escaping skills

This style teaches you to move like an ape man - it usually takes 3 weeks to learn.

19. Shaolin Single Crutch (Shaolin Dan Guai)
- Learn a small and accessible weapon
- Good small weapon to start prior to other small weapons e.g. Shaolin Double Crutch
- Good match for opponents with a small staff

Recommended to students with good foundation skills i.e. after you have learnt three or more free hands pattern.

Usually this pattern takes three weeks to learn.

23. Shaolin Double Broad Sword (Shaolin Shuang Dao)
- Double weapon pattern to improve your balance
- Skills include walking and coordination of hands and legs.

This pattern is only available to students who are at least of intermediate skill level in Shaolin styles.

This pattern takes around one month to learn.

24. Shaolin Single Broad Sword (Shaolin Dan Dao)
- Basic foundation Shaolin weapon pattern
- Learn to balance your body

This is a good starter weapon pattern to learn, appropriate to students with a good foundation. It is recommended that students have learnt at least 3 free hand patterns as a pre-requisite.

Requires 3 weeks learning depending on the level of your foundation skills.

28. Shaolin Broom Kung Fu (Shaolin Shao Ba Gong)
- Essentially considered to be a readily accessible 'daily' staff weapon

This is considered to be a very skillful style usually taking around 3 weeks to learn.

Students are eligible to learn if they have good foundation skills in a few open hand patterns.

29.Shaolin Zao Yang Quan (Shaolin New Raising Sun Style)
- Learn Yin Yang balancing theory
- Includes all basic moves of Shaolin free hands styles
- Good training for agility and power

The main aim of this style is to teach Yin Yang balance and how to use it in Shaolin Kung Fu.

This skill is only recommended if you have good foundation in a few free hand styles.

Usually this style takes 3 weeks to learn.

30. Shaolin Chun Qiu Da Dao
- Large weapons training

Due to the size of this weapon, it is appropriate for use only by strong students.

Students must have excellent foundation skills - the weapon takes around 1 month to learn.

33.Shaolin Tong Bei Quan
- Learn the foundation of many famous masters
- Learn Tong Bei force generation skills
- Improve your agility and fighting skill.

Practical style made famous by many renowned masters. The direction of movements is very strict.

Minimum requirement for this style is 3 months training in Shaolin Kung Fu - this style takes 1 month to learn is open to intermediate and advanced students only.

35. Shaolin Tong Zi Gong (Shaolin Childhood Keeping Kung Fu )
- Learn extreme body agility skills
- Learn Shaolin Qigong
- Generate energy levels useful for fighting situations and everyday use

This is a Shaolin healthy Qigong style useful for building up body energy.

Available to students of all abilities, this style take around 1 month to learn.

38. Shaolin Qi Xing Quan (Shaolin Seven Stars Style)
- Learn agility and powerful moves
- Practical fighting style
- Soft and hard combination style
- Good foundation style to learn basic Shaolin movements

This is a famous Shaolin style for its agile and powerful moves. It is commonly used and practiced by many senior masters to retain good body power, agility and condition.

This course is open to students of all abilities (and ages, young and old) and usually takes 1 month to learn.

39. Shaolin Pao Quan (Shaolin Canon Style)
- Useful practical fighting style
- Predominantly a hard style with some softness included
- Important Shaolin foundation style for free hand postures and movements

Well known in ancient China, this style was made famous by many famous heroes. It is now popular in many northern provinces in China.

This course is open to students of all abilities and usually takes 1 month to learn.

40. Shaolin Wu Xing (Shaolin Five Animals Like Style)
- Intermediate/Advanced combination style
- Combines the powerful moves of five animals (Dragon, Tiger, Crane, Snake, and Leopard
- Movements taught used for attacking different parts of the opponent's body

Open to competent students with good Shaolin foundation skills (minimum 6 months Shaolin training), this style takes around 1 month to learn.

41. Shaolin Xiao Mei Hua Quan (Shaolin Small Plum Blossom Style)
- Shaolin pattern focused predominantly on fighting using legs
- Fast and powerful movements

Open to students with basic Shaolin foundation skills (minimum 3 months Shaolin training), this style takes around 1 month to learn.

42. Shaolin 18 Luo Han Hands
- Learn a powerful Shaolin style useful for building up power
- Good for quick targeting skill and efficient spread of force

This course is open to students of all abilities and usually takes 1 month to learn.

43. Shaolin Dragon Style (Shaolin Long Quan)
- Foundation style for all Shaolin animal styles
- Learn fast and powerful moves
- Steps are stable and flowery

This course is open to students of all abilities and usually takes 3 weeks to learn.

44. Shaolin Black Tiger Style (Shaolin Hei Hu Quan)
- Foundation style for all Shaolin animal styles
- Movements are quick and ferocious

This course is open to students of all abilities and usually takes 3 weeks to learn.

45. Shaolin Mei Hua Spear
- Learn one of the most famous spear styles
- Popular in the ancient Chinese army for its flexibility and power
- Learn different methods of holding the spear and 'pricking' (attacking) techniques
- Learn different ways to generate striking power appropriate for the striking technique being used
- Learn to fight in multiple directions

Open to competent students with good Shaolin foundation skills (minimum 3 months Shaolin training), preferably with staff experience. This style takes around 1 month to learn.

46. Shaolin Qin Na 32 Hands
- Learn the basis of all fighting skills
- It includes catching arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, head, pulling, pushing? the basis fighting useful skill

Open to competent intermediate/advanced students with good Shaolin foundation skills (minimum 6 months Shaolin training), this style takes around 3 months to learn.

47. Shaolin Tang Lang Quan (Shaolin Mantis Style)
- Learn the famous Shaolin animal style
- Learn low body postures good for defense
- Learn to develop fast and powerful spring power
- Learn to enter quickly into opponents through the use of jumping skills

Open to competent students with good Shaolin foundation skills (minimum 1 month Shaolin training), this style takes around 3 weeks to learn.

48. Shaolin Da Mo Crabsticks
- Rare Shaolin weapon
- Easy short weapon to learn
- Good foundation weapon (skills can be used to learn other short weapons e.g. short staff)

Open to competent students with good Shaolin foundation skills (minimum 3 Shaolin free hand patterns knowledge), this style takes around 3 weeks to learn.

49. Shaolin Yang Sheng Gong (Shaolin Healthy Kung Fu)
- Health and recovery style

Pattern designed to promote good health, prevent diseases and aid fast recovery from illness.

This style takes around 3 weeks to learn.

This course is open to students of all abilities (and ages, young and old) and usually takes 1 month to learn.

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