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Dog Style (On the Floor Style) - 2 Weeks
Dog Style (On the Floor Style) - 2 Weeks
duration: 2 Weeks trip ref: 33
departure dates: All dates available except Chinese National holidays.
min/max price (US$): 1300 / 1850
min/max group size: 1 / 20
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Physical Difficulty
physical ability rating 1
Mental Difficulty
mental rating 3
Technical Difficulty
technical rating 2
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Dog Style or On the Floor Style is one of the most famous traditional Wushu styles from Fujian Province. It was created by Master Da Si Yue in the 17th century, a time of troubles and almost constant war in China following the fall of the Ming Dynasty.

Master Da Si Yue was a Buddhist nun, who escaped when her monastery was burned down by Qing troops and was forced to live in secret in the countryside of Fujian Province, where she started teaching her Wushu skills to local people.

The style is well known for having numerous powerful ground-work techniques and attacks from the ground, including many types of sweeps and scissor. It has been given the name Dog Style because the sweeps and rolls remind on-lookers of Dogs fighting and rolling about on the ground.

Practising Dog Style requires a great deal of athleticism, conditioning, and acrobatic skill, developed through diligent training, but its unique character makes all the hard work worth it.

Dog style is actively taught for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Through the rest of the day you will be able to practice with some time being coached by the masters.

Your training syllabus is determined by your training requirements and is also based on your training progress - as a guide each pattern takes 2 weeks to learn.

Single Man Patterns:
1. San Zhan
2. Seven Stars Down to Bottom (Qi Xing Cui Di)
3. Shuang Bi Fu (Double Bats)
4. 36 Continuing Hands (36 Lian Huan Shou)
5. Si Men Jian (4 doors arrows)
6. 72 Lian Quan (72 Continuing Style)
7. Shi Ba Tui Lian Zhu (18 Legs Connecting Pearls)
8. Mei Hua Show (Mei Hua Xiu)

2 Man Patterns:
1. Sage dogs double training
2. San Bu Ge (Three Steps Stop)
3. Liu Bu Gou (Six Steps Hooks)
4. Xia Pan Shi Zhan Kun Ba Skill (Lower Parts Seizing Skill) - 78 different skills

Special Skills:
1. Qiao Shou Shi Zhan Shu (Skillful Hands Practical Skill) - more than 30 skills
2. Di Tang Gong (Dog's Lying Skill) - for wrestling people down to ground
3. Iron Leg Kung Fu

1. Staff

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