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Traditional Wudang - 2 Weeks
Traditional Wudang - 2 Weeks
duration: 2 Weeks trip ref: 36
departure dates: All dates available except Chinese National holidays.
min/max price (US$): 1050 / 2300
min/max group size: 1 / 36
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Physical Difficulty
physical ability rating 1
Mental Difficulty
mental rating 3
Technical Difficulty
technical rating 2
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Wudang is the alter ego of Shaolin and the rivalry between the two centres of Martial Arts extends back over many centuries. Found in the misty cool mountains of Hubei Province, dotted with old temples and pagodas, Wudang Wushu is as beautiful as the area where they have been developed.

The movements of Wudang patterns are slow, flowing, sometimes speeding up into powerful strikes and sudden changes of direction. This is the inspiration for Tai Chi Quan and the legendary inventor of Tai Chi, Zhang San Feng was said to live on Wudang Mountain during the Ming Dynasty.

Basic training will include a lot of work on generating internal energy, which is the key to making these movements effective. Expect also a lot of focus on footwork to achieve the smooth, gliding, weaving steps of Wudang Wushu.

Finally, Wudang is famous for its swordplay, the straight sword (tai chi sword) being the weapon of choice for scholars and Daoists alike. More advanced students will go on to learn this most difficult of all Chinese weapons.

Training is 2 hours in the morning & 2 hours in the evening i.e. 09:00-11:00 and 14:00-16:00. An additional 2 hours is available as an option for students wanting an intensive course (19:00-21:00). Start times may vary seasonal to accommodate daylight hours.

The benefits of attending this course depends on your skill/ability level. Students will develop a stronger body, develop basic breathing skills, learn to understand Traditional Wudang Wushu (hand skills etc.) and be taught basic training methods/exercises. The training aims to give all students a strong foundation of Traditional Wudang Wushu.

Your training syllabus includes the skills listed in below.

1. Wudang Taichi One Hand Pushing Skill
2. Wudang Chun Yang Double Hand Tangling Skill
3. First pattern of Wudang Traditional Taichi Style
4. Second pattern of Wudang Traditional Taichi Style
5. Wudang Sword (27 forms)

The aims and benefits of this course include:

1. Learning traditional Wudang training methods and increase body strength
2. Learning Taichi principles and basic hands movement. The foundation basics taught on this course are essential for progression to more advanced levels

This course is suitable for both beginner and advanced martial artists - beginners focus on learning foundation movements while more proficient students focus on pattern work.

Included with this trip is 2 days of excursion to experience local culture and Daoist culture.

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