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Kung Fu Website Maintenance Staging Area

elcome to the Fujian White Crane kung fu website maintenance staging area. Any changes you make will not be published to the live site - you will need Dennis to approve your changes for this to happen.

You should contact Dennis on 07931 386 314 for assistance if you are unsure as to what to do.

Please be careful as any changes you make may affect other clubs.

Report all errors or problems to Dennis. Please note down on paper the following information when an error occurs:
  • Web page name (you can see this in the URL address bar)
  • Action being carried out (e.g. if you were adding a club and clicking the add button)
  • What happened (e.g. an error message was shown)?
  • Note down any error messages you see.
  • Only contact Dennis if there are no instructions shown on how to recover!