Soft Style


Though not so well known in the West, the White Crane soft styles are venerated in the East for their ability to combine healing with self defence. Dennis Ngo teaches a complete form known as Suang Yang Bei Her Rou Ruan Chuen.


The name of this form translates either as "twin sun" or as "frost and sun soft and gentle art". It is soft and gentle because "Rou Ruan" means "that which is supple, gentle, fluid, soft, flexible and continuous". This form of soft and gentle art is a moving qigong exercise which involves sixty-six principles.

It helps the practitioner to regulate his qi (intrinsic energy, or just plain breath to the uninitiated) and to build his body strongly and subtly. To achieve this the practitioner needs to co-ordinate mind, body, and soul. The breath should coincide with the body movements. The body must be soft, gentle, and controlled.


Constant practice under the guidance of a master or an instructor is vital. The student can then progress properly. The aim of this art is to achieve a soft, supple, pliable body able to generate moving power that can be focussed onto a target. This energy can be used either to heal or destroy.

The body is relaxed but ready. This conforms to the Chinese saying "soft on the outside but hard like steel wire on the inside". A student should work towards harmonising himself. This soft and gentle art is taught both as a fighting art and as a healing art, as it should be. It is the epitome of self defence suitable for both sexes, all ages, and people of all abilities.